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Would you like Anjani to help you Discover Your Life Purpose?


I am on a mission to empower positive contributors just like you to express your individuality, stay authentic and get your purposeFULL life, career and business going!

I support heart based entrepreneurs, business executives and soul seekers who know they came here to create positive change in the world to find their greater purpose and make their mark on the world.


"In a 30 minute purpose call with Anjani she quickly looked at our partner site, and offered clarity on a an important detail, our projected presence drew a bit thin. Narrowing it to Europe – rather than the world – that sharper focus, people liked obviously. The number of unique visitors to our site went up five times, thanks to your input, and one other tweak I made this week. Your focused coaching was great to experience and your kind guidance already yields a measurable effect. Thank you!"

Steinar Almelid CEO & Senior Advisor

"Anjani is amazing! She assisted me in finding my true passion. Anjani took the time in asking the right questions and listened to my responses. In talking with Anjani, she helped me realize that I am not alone and it's okay to shine a light for others, despite judgements or labels.When we honor the experiences, it changes our perspective in many ways. After speaking with Anjani my views of life have changed wherein I accept and value the experiences that I have. I trust me and my inner light. If anyone is seeking personal coaching, inspiration or life/soul purpose, Anjani is the best person to contact. Her energy is warm, kind, and welcoming. She will be your biggest cheerleader and support system. Thank you so much Anjani! "

Regina S.

"Anjani helped me realize that what I was stating to the universe were limiting beliefs that were sabotaging me from manifesting what I wanted and needed. I now know that everything that happens in my life is from my core beliefs so I need to make sure they are all positive and limitless. Anjani gave me some mantras that I now repeat every day that will replace my opposite beliefs and affirmations I was giving to the universe without even realizing that I was self-sabotaging. I highly recommend working with Anjani. Since I started my new limitless affirmations I've already been seeing changes in my life! Thank you Anjani. "

Tiffany A

"Anjani centered me to what was blocking me in moving forward with a change in my life. Quite remarkable. She taught me to have fun and play. I feel like a burden has been lifted. Now instead of not being sure of my decision, I am excited about getting to it! Anjani is really good at drilling down to business and I really enjoyed her style. It was comfortable and I felt like I had a friend."

Tracy Fitzgerald
Account Executive

"After my call with Anjani, I realised that it is possible to manifest my desires. I feel empowered and supported and a great resonance with her work. It moved me to a higher level which I have been able to maintain. I would recommend Anjani to others looking for personal coaching, inspiration, life/soul purpose. She is very to the point, sensitive and empowering. I'm so grateful I followed this up."

Marianne Nichols
Sacred France Tours

"Anjani is empathic whilst also being practical and solution focused. This is a winning combo for me. I need rapid results right now and also to feel supported and nurtured. Without the latter I would probably run away and become avoidant. I also need to be able to intellectualise concepts and gain an understanding into the ‘why’ by analysing. This helps me to learn and then progress. Anjani does all of the above with me."

Rebecca Rynehart

"Working with Anjani is a privilege for sure, her wisdom, dynamism, capacity to lead and lift me over my personal hurdles has been profound. We worked together in my home intensely, achieving above and beyond the outcomes I had envisioned. I have worked with many business coaches over the years, but this lady is in a league of her own, I cant recommend her or her 3 day intensive coaching package highly enough. She gets the job done to a high detail with skill and a good sense of humour."

Savitur Paul Wilde - Energy Transformation Coach

"Since working with Anjani Amriit, I am more prepared to back my judgement, emotional empowerment and spiritual strength and guidance. Her guided meditations have significantly contributed to my joy, confidence and belief in myself. Anjani has a unique way of looking at things in different perspectives and her peace & calm, have definitely made my life easier. Anjani Amriit will definitely transform your life, and very quickly !"

Astrid Raetze

"When I started working with Anjani Amriit I was addicted to a variety of mental and behavioural patterns and experiencing a constant internal battle when it came to making decisions. I felt what I did in the business world did not align with my core values and I could not integrate my spiritual awakening into my day to day life. In working with Anjani Amriit, I was able to release core wounds that were causing me to feel stuck in life. I was able to overcome my addictions and I transitioned out of a business with little alignment and into my soul's purpose to something that I feel authentic doing. Anjani held space for my journey of Self realisation, transmitting healing energies during sessions and providing guidance throughout my journey which led to a state of inner confidence and joy that was no longer based on external circumstances. What I enjoyed the most out of working with Anjani Amriit was her proficiency in different healing modalities, and the intuitive nature of the sessions. As a result of working with Anjani Amriit. making decisions is a lot easier now because I can hear the sound of my intuition more clearly. I no longer look for controlling outcomes but rather a newly adopted attitude allows me to channel my energy towards inspired actions. I am now much more clear on my purpose in business and this honestly makes things a lot easier. Anjani Amriit is a highly intuitive spiritual guide with the ability to help ignite deep personal transformations that will lead to a fulfilling life. "

Sadra Boutorabi

My view of the world, life, love, dreams, adventure, sacred mysteries, the best way to peel potatoes. . . and everything in between that is worth knowing to find your true purpose and fall deeply in love with life.

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”
Nelson Mandela