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What They Are Saying About Us

Alexa L
Before working with Anjani I had constant anxiety, was emotional eating, felt powerless and afraid to be alone. I felt that my world was crumbling around me. I had just gone through a devastating breakup and didn’t know how to deal with the stress along with my family life and demanding legal studies. I was very unhappy with myself. The specific results I got from working with Anjani are emotional and inner empowerment, a better relationship with food, strategies to cope with a breakup in a healthy way, tools to let go of the past and take charge of my life instead of others defining my life for me. I found a best friend within myself, established healthy boundaries with others, and healthy relationships with friends and family members. Working with Anjani has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time. I am more joyful and confident in myself. I have learned strategies to address any personal or professional problem that comes my way. I sleep better. I have inner peace. I love that Anjani has a solution for every problem. Anjani doesn’t patronize you. She pinpoints your present problem, and helps you find a present solution. Anjani isn’t afraid to share her own personal experiences, so you do not feel alone. Anjani also is able to change her program on the fly to meet your current needs. I love how she has a way to address the here and now. Mentoring with Anjani has given me access to a way of seeing the world that was never taught to me before, but makes total sense. I feel that armed with the knowledge that Anjani has given me, I can conquer any challenge- personally, professionally, and emotionally. Working with Anjani is like no one you’ve worked with before. Her methods are proven and innovative, she is super knowledgeable, and dedicated to the growth of her mentees. If you commit to her program you will discover things about yourself and the universe around you that you couldn’t have dreamed of accessing. I have had access to the best therapists, life coaches, and professional development workshops but none of them even came close to empowering me in the ways Anjani has. After working with Anjani, I feel that my life has truly started and I am enjoying the journey more than fixating on the end result. If only more people had access to Anjani, the world would be a much better place. I cannot stress enough what a positive and lasting impact Anjani has made on my life.
Alexa L
Ivy League Law Student
Kasia Image
The specific results I got working with Anjani are I got a job, increased financial success, I feel happier, at ease and feel safe Working with Anjani Amriit has absolutely increased my level of joy, confidence and belief in myself. Anjani brings together spirituality and reality in her mentoring. I received healing but also practical advice with day to day challenges. The most important thing I learned from working with Anjani is to have an open mind and heart, and to be a human being not a human doing.
Kasia Kostrzewa
Retail Manager
Before working with Anjani, I felt frustrated, as though my career was going nowhere and I didn't want to spend the next 15 years in the same job. I knew I had far more to offer than that but didn't know how or where. Anjani helped me to set up my own company, start a podcast, start writing a book for my business, secure private clients as well as paid and unpaid speaking events for my target audience in corporations. As a result of working with Anjani I am much happier and have a very clear sense of what direction I want to go in and how much I have to offer. I am also better at doing things even if I am afraid. My level of joy and fulfilment have absolutely increased. Anjani is great at seeing possibilities far greater than I could have seen. She has also helped me become much better at looking at where the energy is and going there rather than pushing up against things that are difficult. She is fantastic at knowing where people's real talents lie and moving them in that direction.
Coach: empowering women to find their voice
I credit my thriving life to working with Anjani. She has helped me move from a place of feeling lost, frustrated, and lacking direction to having a joyful and purposeful life with a thriving business, rewarding passions and soulful relationships. Most of all my awareness of self has improved 100 fold and improved my confidence to pursue a life being the person I always dreamed to be. Much gratitude to you Anjani, you are an incredible mentor. Before working with Anjani, I wasn't clear about my purpose, lacked life direction and an awareness about myself. I knew that I was missing something but was not quite sure what it actually was. After working with Anjani, my life now has much greater purpose. I am happy and live in flow and crucially (thanks to Anjani) know why and how I am living such a purposeful life with a thriving business that is an extension of me. Anjani’s work is highly personalised and backed up with solid theory. She intellectualises concepts for mental understanding and grounds them in practical application.
Rebecca Rynehart
Founder - Hartisann
Tania Jolley
Before working with Anjani I felt exhausted, quite burnt out and blocked in many areas of my life. Both personal and professional. I was constantly at a higher level of anxiety and frustration. After working with Anjani, I finally feel more grounded. I'm at peace with the things that are going on in my life. I have better relationships, because I have flipped my mindset. I'm more confident, I'm working towards the things that make me happy. I'm putting my happiness first so that I can be a fabulous mother, wife, daughter and professional. I have more clarity on the things that I need to achieve. I am motivated and inspired to focus on my side hustle and have the inner peace and strength to keep pursuing my dreams. Anjani has helped me be more outwardly confident and to believe in my vision for my new business. It's purposeful and powerful. I have more joy in my life and more peace. Anjani was incredibly kind and thoughtful with her mentoring. She challenged me, she stretched me and helped to guide me to a place where I could deal with the situation or resolve the conflict I was facing. Anjani was very loving and considerate when helping with my mindset. Both my professional and personal lives have benefited greatly from this work that we have done together. For me - so much has changed, yet in reality nothing has changed. Meaning that the external situations I'm faced with are the same, yet because I'm approaching them differently, the way they impact me is so different.
Tania Jolley
Founder / CEO
kate fuller
"Through working with Anjani, I have discovered renewed purpose and inspiration, as well as new talents which has left me feeling more motivated and more connected to my self and my family. I have learnt how to express what I need/want and to prioritise self care and healthy parenting. I have re- connected to my true core and together with meditation, gratitude and reflection, all aspects of my life are starting to flow. I enjoyed everything about Anjani’s mentoring style! From the focus sheets to ensure we were on track, to her availability in between sessions ( (if needed) to her humour. She cut straight to the issue or core problem. I felt that every word spoken in the sessions was beneficial and not wasted. The mentoring has given me greater awareness and clarity and a focus. I feel I know myself better and am better equipped to deal with issues, respond to problems or challenges more positively. Anjani is truly amazing. She has helped inspire action, motivation and greater confidence. I cannot recommend her highly enough! "
Kate Fuller
"When I came to Anjani I had left my job because of the stress of it. I was in my late 50's , my son had left home and I didn't know what was next for me. I felt incomplete and knew that there was so much more meaningful living to do, I just didn't know what it was. Working with Anjani, I have become reconnected to my inner knowing, my truth. I now make choices that honour my true being, and the direction of my soul's journey. I am able to witness the thinking mind, and know that it is not me. I am able to really feel, and connect with my feelings which are a road map to a richer deeper,authentic and beautiful me. I take full responsibility for my life, knowing that I am the co-creator of my life. I am able to recognise when I am not in alignment, and have the skills and tools to reset thoughts or conditioning to get back into alignment. Working with Anjani has brought me home to myself, where joy, abundance, self worth and belief sit perfectly within. My relationships have shifted from co-dependency to mutual respect and greater depth. Anjani has guided me through this sacred journey with, expertise, graciousness and reverence along with a balance of lightheartedness and focus. She has guided me in seeing the blockages that got in the way from my experiencing a true and easy life."
Carol Anne O'Sullivan
"When I started working with Anjani I had reached a point in my career where I had achieved what I had wanted to, and needed something more. I was unfulfilled and wanted to feel inspired again, but I didn't know where to start. From the mentoring program with Anjani, I transitioned out of my career and created my own business that is aligned with my purpose, creative, inspiring and fulfilling. I also worked on key relationships in my life and let go of things I had held onto for a decade that were holding me back. I now have greater awareness and can respond to myself and things around me in a positive way. I feel much more in control of, and responsible for, my own emotions and happiness and that is something that is really empowering. Anjani is action oriented. Every session ends with concrete steps and actions that left me feeling empowered and in control. Self awareness is the biggest factor that has helped me. I now understand how my mind works and because of this am both happier and more content in all aspects of my life. It's quite incredible how a mindset change can ripple through into changes in other aspects of our lives and the happiness flows. If you are considering working with Anjani know that she doesn't judge, is compassionate and sensitive and reads situations well. She knows how to help you shift your mindset to focus on the potential that is out there, and guides you to go out and get it in a positive and inspiring way."
Felicity Pascoe
Founder Thread to Fabric
"Working with Anjani is a privilege for sure, her wisdom, dynamism, capacity to lead and lift me over my personal hurdles has been profound. We worked together in my home intensely, achieving above and beyond the outcomes I had envisioned. I have worked with many business coaches over the years, but this lady is in a league of her own, I cant recommend her or her 3 day intensive coaching package highly enough. She gets the job done to a high detail with skill and a good sense of humour."
Savitur Paul Wilde - Energy Transformation Coach
"Since working with Anjani Amriit, I am more prepared to back my judgement, emotional empowerment and spiritual strength and guidance. Her guided meditations have significantly contributed to my joy, confidence and belief in myself. Anjani has a unique way of looking at things in different perspectives and her peace & calm, have definitely made my life easier. Anjani Amriit will definitely transform your life, and very quickly !"
Astrid Raetze
"When I came to Anjani, I had some baggage from a previous business experience and wanted to clear the outlook to start a new one. I was unsure and confused about whether I wanted to start a new business. I did not have clarity of why I wanted to start another business. In working with Anjani, I was able to release the mental baggage from my previous business and get a new outlook about career and business. Anjani helped me identify my strengths and build my confidence to start a new business and identify the best timing for this. Anjani is considerate, a very empathic person and it is very easy to share things with her. She helped me to feel heard and really understood. As a result of working with Anjani, my personal life improved and I was able to make a milestone decision. She also helped simplify my decision and remove the guilt about it. Anjani has been the most impactful mentor for me. She helped me realise my potential and was able to address not only my professional challenges but also personal ones. She worked with me holistically and brought clarity to my thought process that has enabled me to be content and happy. Thank you so much Anjani."
Kunal Bhusare
Product Manager
"When I started working with Anjani Amriit I was addicted to a variety of mental and behavioural patterns and experiencing a constant internal battle when it came to making decisions. I felt what I did in the business world did not align with my core values and I could not integrate my spiritual awakening into my day to day life. In working with Anjani Amriit, I was able to release core wounds that were causing me to feel stuck in life. I was able to overcome my addictions and I transitioned out of a business with little alignment and into my soul's purpose to something that I feel authentic doing. Anjani held space for my journey of Self realisation, transmitting healing energies during sessions and providing guidance throughout my journey which led to a state of inner confidence and joy that was no longer based on external circumstances. What I enjoyed the most out of working with Anjani Amriit was her proficiency in different healing modalities, and the intuitive nature of the sessions. As a result of working with Anjani Amriit. making decisions is a lot easier now because I can hear the sound of my intuition more clearly. I no longer look for controlling outcomes but rather a newly adopted attitude allows me to channel my energy towards inspired actions. I am now much more clear on my purpose in business and this honestly makes things a lot easier. Anjani Amriit is a highly intuitive spiritual guide with the ability to help ignite deep personal transformations that will lead to a fulfilling life. "
Sadra Boutorabi
"In a 30 minute purpose call with Anjani she quickly looked at our partner site, and offered clarity on a an important detail, our projected presence drew a bit thin. Narrowing it to Europe – rather than the world – that sharper focus, people liked obviously. The number of unique visitors to our site went up five times, thanks to your input, and one other tweak I made this week. Your focused coaching was great to experience and your kind guidance already yields a measurable effect. Thank you!"
Steinar Almelid CEO & Senior Advisor
"Anjani is amazing! She assisted me in finding my true passion. Anjani took the time in asking the right questions and listened to my responses. In talking with Anjani, she helped me realize that I am not alone and it's okay to shine a light for others, despite judgements or labels.When we honor the experiences, it changes our perspective in many ways. After speaking with Anjani my views of life have changed wherein I accept and value the experiences that I have. I trust me and my inner light. If anyone is seeking personal coaching, inspiration or life/soul purpose, Anjani is the best person to contact. Her energy is warm, kind, and welcoming. She will be your biggest cheerleader and support system. Thank you so much Anjani! "
Regina S.
"Anjani helped me realize that what I was stating to the universe were limiting beliefs that were sabotaging me from manifesting what I wanted and needed. I now know that everything that happens in my life is from my core beliefs so I need to make sure they are all positive and limitless. Anjani gave me some mantras that I now repeat every day that will replace my opposite beliefs and affirmations I was giving to the universe without even realizing that I was self-sabotaging. I highly recommend working with Anjani. Since I started my new limitless affirmations I've already been seeing changes in my life! Thank you Anjani. "
Tiffany A
"Anjani centered me to what was blocking me in moving forward with a change in my life. Quite remarkable. She taught me to have fun and play. I feel like a burden has been lifted. Now instead of not being sure of my decision, I am excited about getting to it! Anjani is really good at drilling down to business and I really enjoyed her style. It was comfortable and I felt like I had a friend."
Tracy Fitzgerald
Account Executive
"After my call with Anjani, I realised that it is possible to manifest my desires. I feel empowered and supported and a great resonance with her work. It moved me to a higher level which I have been able to maintain. I would recommend Anjani to others looking for personal coaching, inspiration, life/soul purpose. She is very to the point, sensitive and empowering. I'm so grateful I followed this up."
Marianne Nichols
Sacred France Tours
611a235013471fc35a2ef121_Noon pic
Before working with Anjani I was struggling to cope with the passing of my husband. I didn’t know how to survive without him. I was nervous, unsure, lacking confidence and didn’t trust my own judgement/wisdom, lacked focus, and had no idea how to move on or what to do with my life. I needed to find myself. Anjani helped me to regain my focus and get clarity on who I am and my life path. As a result I trusted myself more and my capacity to try different things increased. I learned techniques to trust my gut and connect with my emotions to get out of dark moments quickly. Most importantly I regained my belief in myself. Anjani is easy to talk to. Her business experience means I can talk to another businesswoman easily with my personal and professional challenges. She reassured me I can do anything I put my mind to. ​​She is better than a shrink! Everything Anjani teaches is practical and so easily applied to day to day work and life.
Noon McNamara
General Manager - Maximum Energy
I appointed Anjani as my mentor to help me ​​Identify my life purpose. I felt lost. Anjani helped me to clearly see the way I want to go and my inner obstacles to me starting on the road to my purpose. Working with Anjani has shown me how taking care of my energy level is fundamental to succeed. Her loving attention, ability to drive me to identify my real blockages and encourage me to work on them helped me increase my self belief. She has led me to keep focused on making my dreams become my reality. In working with Anjani you are guaranteed to talk with someone who is sensitive enough to understand and lovingly accept who you are, and help you get closer to your purpose.
Annick Bergdoll
Director of HR Business Management & financial monitoring
I chose to work with Anjani to discover my purpose, find meaningful work and earn what I’m worth. Before I started working with Anjani I felt stuck, frustrated, bored, lonely and angry. The first lightbulb moment working with Anjani (and there were heaps!) was when she changed the question from ‘What do you want’ to ‘Who do you want to be?’ Mike drop!! I feel like I’ve fallen back in love with life! I live in the moment and practice feeling good. I’ve got a much closer connection to the Universe and trust that I will always be provided for. I know my purpose and I’m attracting meaningful work. I’m content. I’m grateful. I live in the moment. I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone several times whilst working with Anjani. It’s not so scary when you have someone to guide you who loves you unconditionally. Don’t work with Anjani if you don’t really want to make BIG changes. She will lovingly guide you through your limiting beliefs and comfort zone to bravely step into a better version of you. Do work with Anjani if you want to reconnect with your true self and create a life you love.
Clare Fenwick
Dream Coach
I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Anjani Amriit as an exceptional executive leadership mentor. I had the privilege of working with Anjani this year, and the outcomes of our collaboration were truly outstanding. From the moment I embarked on this mentorship journey with Anjani, I was immediately impressed by her deep understanding of executive leadership and her ability to inspire and guide me towards achieving my full potential. Her expertise and insights have had a profound impact on my personal and professional growth, leading to tangible and transformative results. One of the most remarkable qualities Anjani possesses is her exceptional ability to listen actively and empathetically. She took the time to truly understand my unique challenges, aspirations, values, and tailored her guidance to address my specific needs. Her genuine interest in my development fostered a safe and trusting environment, which allowed me to openly discuss my concerns, explore new ideas, and take calculated risks. Anjani is an incredible communicator who possesses a remarkable talent for distilling complex concepts into actionable strategies. Through thought-provoking discussions and insightful feedback, she provided me with invaluable guidance on leadership techniques, decision-making processes, and effective communication strategies. Her guidance not only enhanced my leadership skills but also allowed me to optimise my team's performance and cultivate a more coaching and collaborative work environment. As a result of Anjani's mentorship, I have achieved remarkable outcomes and achieved a promotion into an Executive position. I have witnessed positive changes in my leadership style, such as improved decision-making, enhanced emotional intelligence, and the ability to inspire and motivate my team towards shared goals. I adopt an approach of compassion for myself and others through this journey and embrace all the parts of me that will be the change I want to see.
Stacey Northover
Executive General Manager, Housing Services

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