7 Core Roadblocks in Relationships & How to Bust Through Them

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There are 7 roadblocks common to all relationships, be it those with your partner, children, parents, work colleagues, clients and even your relationship with events that occur in the wider community and the world.

Being empowered to have great relationships is an important tool to a fulfilling purposeFULL life.

The 7 Core Roadblocks:


Poor communication is at the root of all struggling relationships. There are different types of communication that either empower a relationship or disempower it. Engaging in an ’empowered style’ of communication liberates us to have the confidence to speak up and be heard in relationships. Empowered communication requires us to speak our authentic truth at all times. When we sugar coat, diminish or suppress our feelings and emotions, we betray our own truth and this leads to a breakdown in our ability to be heard and come to a mutually agreeable resolution.


Unequal salaries are a common issue in relationships. Not being paid enough at work, or not having an equal share in outgoings in personal relationships are others. Often the person not bringing in a wage will feel unable or guilty to spend money on themselves. When we learn how to value our personal contribution to a relationship beyond money, it allows us greater financial freedom within and outside of a relationship. When we start to value our personal contribution and financial needs in relationships, we gain a deeper sense of security and respect for ourselves and from our partner.


Did you know that every relationship you ever had has its own energy body. Not onlly that, but we grow energy cords between us. Sometimes these cords are created in times of arguments, stress, anxiety etc. As a result, we cannot move beyond past unpleasant interactions. We hold grudges and are unable to move on or allow the other person to change. When we learn how to cut these old cords, we liberate ourselves from low vibrational relationships.


Conflict in a relationship is common. Often we believe that conflict is a bad thing. Left unchecked, it leads to separation, and lack of intimacy. We are all different and uniqe. We have different opinions and values. Being able to honour rather than judge these differences in a relationship is the key to deeper intimacy. When we begin to honour our own needs and the needs of our partner in a conflicting situation, we can then shift to a place of acceptance of our differences and get a result that works for all parties.


Trust is a key element to lasting, supportive and loving relationships. Without trust, our relationships have no stable foundation. When there is lack of trust we will have relationships with others that are full of drama, exhausting, unsupportive and hard work. The power of forgiveness transforms trust issues into a thing of the past. When we chose to forgive (not condone) actions, we release our own heart from its painful memories of the past. This ultimately allows us to love, trust, and open into deeper intimacy and authenticity.


Not feeling head or not really understanding the needs of another are core roadblocks to good relationships. Adapting better listening skills creates deeper trust, understanding and problem solving in your relationships. When we learn to listen with an open mind, without imposing our own ideas and objections onto another, we gain valuable insights and greater emotional intelligence leading to a clearer understanding of our own and the needs of others.


We all have core emotional needs that must be cared for in order to have peaceful, supportive, respectful and loving relationships and for us to feel confident. These are self respect, self acceptance, self love, sleep, physcial touch, fun and play, and personal safety. By taking care of our own core emotional needs, we are better equipped to manage overwhelming emotions in our relationships that have us either running for the hills, escaping, or frozen in fear not knowing what to do in the moment. When we fulfil our own core needs, we release the old habits and patterns of codependence and addictions in relationships and transform into confident, joyful people to be with.

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