An Entrepreneur, Leadership & Women’s Empowerment Expert, Speaker and Author.

I am passionate about motivating and inspiring leaders, founders, lawmakers, and organisations to adopt social impact strategies in business for better profit, people and planet. I also develop women leaders to connect with their Feminine Leadership Power for radial success and impact.

I am in the business of making the seemingly impossible, possible!

Welcome Purpose Pioneer

“Every journey of transformation and self-development begins with one simple act. A choice in this moment, to do something different.” ~ Anjani

Do you know you came here to fulfill a bigger purpose?

Are you searching for your place in the world to create positive change? Do you have a burning message to deliver to humanity?

I am on a mission to empower passionate change makers, just like you, to express your individuality, stay authentic and get your purposeFULL life, career and business going!

I help heart based entrepreneurs, business executives and soul seekers who want more meaning and connection in their lives and careers, to find their greatest purpose and make their mark on the world.

Your message matters. You are here to do more. you. IT IS YOU, the world is waiting for.

Are you ready to take the next step?



I am driven by an innate desire for my life to contribute to humanity in some way. I have never been satisfied with turning up to a job in return for a pay cheque. From a very young age, I would spend hours gazing up at the stars asking myself the bigger questions like…. ‘why am I here?’, ‘what is my purpose in life?’.
I have always known, deep down inside, that I have a bigger role to play in life than just going with the flow. That I came here to make a difference. It took me a long time to even admit this to myself. I mean, talk about tall poppy syndrome! But I realised that I had to own my truth and get comfortable sharing this, before I could help someone else step into their true purpose.


Humble Beginnings

I was born and raised in a large immigrant working class family in the UK. I was overweight, bullied for my skin colour, and didn’t fit in. I used to dream of running away to the circus, or anywhere that I could pretend to be someone else.

In my teens and 20’s, I drove myself to excel, believing a job with high status would bring me the happiness I sought. With a lot of hard work and effort, I carved out an incredibly successful legal career in the most prestigious law firms in the world. I flew around the world first class, negotiating million dollar deals. But, this came at a high price……my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. For the outside looking in, I had it all. On the inside, I felt isolated, alone and lost.

The Healing Years

After a 16 year long career in law, I quit my job, sold my house and took a deep dive into my own healing journey. I steeped myself in ancient Eastern philosophy with great Masters across the globe. I studied Ayurvedic Medicine, Spirituality, Energy Healing, Yoga and Psychosynthesis Coaching.

Through my studies, I cured myself of irritable bowel syndrome, severe anxiety and regular panic attacks. I came to realise that no career, social status, material possession or relationship could save me from myself. I had to accept all of me if I wanted to have true purpose and meaning in my life. I came to see that my humble beginnings and difficult life experiences had all been gifts to help me get clarity on who I am and what I came here for.

I now have a life and business filled with purpose and a huge vision to help those who are seeking greater meaning and fulfilment in their lives do the same.

I have always held a deep curiosity of all things beyond the current accepted limitations of human endeavours. I wanted to know more. About people, our human potential, why we are here, the meaning of life, the basic condition of humanity and our unbounded capacity for doing good in the world.
From my earliest memory, I wanted to play my part in
changing the world.

I am passionate about many things in life from entrepreneurship and thought leadership, to poetry, song writing, ancient scriptures, Yoga, Sanskrit, Spirituality, Indigenous cultures, philanthropy, animal welfare, Ayurvedic holistic medicine… to name but a few.

Over time, I began to realise that there was a connecting factor in all of these pursuits…..

My passion to find deeper meaning and purpose to life

And then, it occurred to me….. my purpose was to help others confidently vision, create and step into their true passion and purpose in life.

I realised that my unique life experience was a gift, not a failing.

So, I started my own heart based business. I made a conscious decision to have no plan B. To fully commit to my path and purpose and stand for the things that are meaningful to me. Since then, I’ve never looked back!

I am driven to constantly push the boundaries of my life, business and the people I work with, to awaken the untapped potential that is within each of us for the greater good

I have an adventurous spirit and am driven by a need to do good in the world. To be a positive influencer in life. To bring a compassionate heart to everything I do and with everyone I work with.

Over the years, I have come to realise that this is my calling. That even though I have strong business instincts and aptitude, and a head full of logic, I am only truly fulfilled when I marry my head with my heart in all that I do.

And my heart desires greater human connection, meaning and purpose!

It is only when we are truly aligned with our highest calling that we can feel fulfilled, at peace with the world and achieve the kind of rapid transformation needed for meaningful success.

When we are on purpose, and applying this purpose in our work, relationships and businesses, the energy, support, money, ideas, synchronicities, sense of achievement and joy filled success starts to show up in miraculous ways.

It hasn’t been all plain sailing. I have had many a set back, loss, confusion, uncertainty and failure. But these experiences have helped me grow my inner resilience, courage and tenacity. And it is this deep insight that I offer to those I work with today.

Success is measured by how we feel inside, not our job title

Successful people know their purpose, set clear intentions to get there, and surround themselves with the people and tools they will need for their journey. Successful people can handle the detours when they come up, with confidence and self assurance.
My many years of experience in working with individuals and businesses alike have taught me this.


I have always felt sensitive to the feelings of those around me. In my childhood I thought this was normal. But as I grew older I realised that not everyone was as intuitive as I was. For a long time I hid this, even to myself. Until I forgot about it. It was not until I ran my first retreat to the outback of Australia that the visions and inner knowing came flooding back.

From that trip I was guided to seek a spiritual teacher to take me further into the awakening of my soul. I spent the next 8 years studying and experiencing deep spiritual connection with two incredible Spiritual Masters. It was from my teachers that I received my spiritual name, Anjani Amriit. My name reflects the characteristics of my soul and means service, faith and devotion (Anjani) and Divine immortal nectar (Amriit).

My spiritual path led me to the deepest yearning in my soul to connect my heart with my purpose.

I have an innate gift to feel and read the energy of others. I can also read the vibration of a person, business or organisation. I can feel when there is a healthy alignment or where there are blocks or fears. I now work intuitively with people and businesses to create liberation from those fears and blockages and a clear pathway to success. To shift beyond the limited capacity of the mind and create the miraculous.


If you know you came here to play a bigger game and you are ready to invest in getting your purpose on, then we are destined to work together.

I am speaking to you specifically if you are:

a Business Owner, Therapist, Speaker, Coach, or Practitioner in the self development or wellness industry, looking for more clients to upscale from a side hustle or hobby to a thriving practice that utilises both inner and outer development for radical transformation personally and professionally that will make you magnetic to limitless people and profit.

a CEO, Manager, Team Leader, or Corporate Executive who loves the thrill and pace of the corporate world but desperately desires to bring more meaning and purpose into your role and the organisation. To connect purpose with social impact in your work and become a force for good in the world driving better profit, people and planet

a Woman Leader, Founder, Lawmaker ready to let go of self sabotage that holds you back from your greatness, and connect with your Feminine Leadership Power, see this as a strength not a weakness, and use it to get the recognition, promotion, pay and success you deserve.


My services and programs will be an awesome fit for you if you:

We will not be a good fit if you:

Having said this, I honour your journey and wish you well in all your endeavours.


I am a Psychsynthesis Coach.

Psychosynthesis is a psychology of hope, with its focus on a purposeful future giving individuals the capacity to reorient their lives in the direction of meaning and values.

Psychosynthesis has also been described as a psychology of the Self, in that the realms of human experience also include matters of soul and spirit, alongside physical and emotional experiences and thoughts and mental processes.

I am a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Yoga Teacher.

My practice is grounded in the Vedic tradition. I bring the wisdom of this tradition into the modern world practicality.

I am a certified ‘Ignite Your Spirit’ Energetic Therapist and Spiritual Teacher.

I combine the practicalities of coaching together with the world of energy healing for rapid transformation.

I am a Co-Founder of the 'Golden Woman Centre'.

GWC is a global women’s movement and community whose mission is to influence, impact and inspire women to be true to and invest in their unique qualities and translate this into making a positive impact in their own lives, and the world at large.

I have a BA (Hons) in Law.


I am a city-dwelling, country-hearted, introvert who adores leading from the back of the pack.

I am a Sagittarian, gregarious lover of exploration, adventure, freedom and unique expression.

I am an avid writer, poet and songwriter.

I love adventure and challenging myself on a daily basis.

I stand for my beliefs and am passionate about the protection of animals. I have instigated legislative change representing Voiceless, the animal protection institute, and the Federal Government’s Australasian Animal Welfare Strategy Committee for the betterment of animal welfare.

I am passionate about living a purposeful life, leaving a positive legacy in the world and empowering those I work with to do the same.

“Every journey of transformation and self-development begins with one simple act. A choice in this moment, to do something different.”

When you decide to invest in your own power, potential and purpose, you become a deliberate creator of your own life experience and a conscious catalyst for meaningful change in the world!

Through commitment and an unwavering vision to make positive changes towards a better world, I am here to assist you to be an unstoppable force for good.

It is no chance occurrence that you are reading this today.

Finding me, means you have been searching and are ready to take the next step in your own journey of transformation to a purposeFULL life.

“Whether you’re starting or growing your business or looking to make big changes in your personal life, I am here to guide you to reach the highest levels of your potential and create a purposeFULL life.”
Are you ready to discover your purpose so you can finally create the change in the world you came here to make?