Would you like to turn your current corporate position into a self-made CEO?

Would you like guidance from those who have gone before you?

Then join us on a journey with 18 extraordinary women who have shared the story of their experiences !!!

My Journey...

They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. Well it also takes a whole village to write and publish a book.

It has been a long held dream of mine to write a book. I’ve started many in my career, but never finished any of them. If I am being really honest I didn’t really believe in myself as a writer.

So when I was approached to take part in this multi-authored book  my soul literally jumped for joy. I was no longer alone trying to face what seemed like an insurmountable task.  I now had my village and I was out of excuses.

Here’s a sneak peak of my chapter…

My body shot bolt upright, shattering my sleep, lurching me into full consciousness. Drenched in sweat, hyperventilating, a searing pain in my chest and pins and needles down the entire left side of my body. I was having a full-blown panic attack. I knew the signs well. It was no less terrifying.

My head was screaming at me, What the hell have you done? You’ve seriously lost the plot. We are going to be destitute, all alone, and begging on the streets!

A sobering slap of reality at becoming a ‘corporate dropout’. No prior warning. No easing into it. Just a sudden full-blown ‘losing my shit’ kind of moment.

The week had watched me, without the slightest attempt at intervention, quit my 16+ year high-flying prestigious corporate legal career in the world’s top law firms, sell my million-dollar beach pad and book a flight to India to eat-pray-love myself on some random spiritual retreat with a woman who used to be a barrister now calling herself a Guru.

Well, they say the best time to quit fame and fortune is when you’re at the top. And boy, did I go out in style!

Way to go kid, my mind retaliated.

But let me back up a bit …

Would you like to turn your pain into wisdom and your experiences into your superpower? Would you like guidance from those who have gone before you?

Then join us on a journey with 18 extraordinary women who have shared the story of their experiences and how they turned their situation from corporate employee to self-made CEO !!!

Corporate Dropouts shares the inspirational stories of women who took the traditional route of a corporate career only to realize that the 9-5 wasn’t for them. These courageous leaders threw it all in and embarked on the journey of starting their own business and building a life based on their terms. In these stories, they share the ups, the downs and lots in between on their journey from Corporate Dropout to successful CEO.

Meet some of the authors here

Patricia Lindner

Patricia Lindner is a multi-passionate Soul and Career Alchemist and Founder at North Star Career. She invites accomplished women and men who feel stuck or dissatisfied in their current career to embark on a creative, intuitive and joyful discovery journey to connect with their true calling. She believes that life is a canvas and that everyone is able to co-create an extraordinary and fulfilled life beyond outer success. Her holistic, anti-coaching approach ensures logic-defying, instant results and revelations and gets people easily out of their heads and into their hearts. Besides highly customized 1:1 experiences and group programs, she also hosts international retreats that ensure joy, adventure and transformation on many levels. Patricia resides in Germany with her husband and two children. When she isn’t preparing or hosting transformational experiences for her clients, she is writing, traveling or creating art.

Rebecca Dobson

Rebecca Dobbins holds a Master’s in International Humanitarian Action, and has a story that twists and turns through more than 92 countries, and wide-ranging occupational fields. She found passion and purpose working with the United Nations and other international organizations for over a decade. More recently, she traded humanitarian work for helping others transition and find their passion in life as a Certified Master Professional Coach. She is a co-author of the Amazon bestselling book You Matter: How women reclaiming their power are changing the world. Her online coaching business is the winner of the 2021 “Best of Best” award in her hometown.

Jessica Trueblood

Jessica Trueblood is the founder of Etsy Underachievers, and the CEO of her company, Shop Review Crew. She works with Etsy shop owners all over the world who want to create a sustainable and profitable business. Her specialty is teaching Etsy best practices, and she focuses on eliminating myths and false information often found online about selling on Etsy. She also works with coaches who are struggling to grow their Facebook communities, and those who want to drop out of corporate jobs for the entrepreneurial life. She has a Master of Education and 15 years teaching and training experience. She resides in Colorado, USA, with her husband and son. When she isn’t talking about entrepreneurship, you can find her in the mountains with her family, or at the craft store.

Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake is CEO and founder of Sarah Blake Consulting focusing on Emotional Intelligence & Leadership coaching. She works with individuals and companies utilizing coaching, trainings/facilitation, and consulting strategies to reinforce growth. Core to her personal and professional life, is the belief that when there is alignment with our stories, values and surroundings, there is alignment within. Co-creating possibilities with her clients is what drives her. For over 20 years, she held many different titles in the corporate world: business development, strategic marketing, human resources, to name a few. She has an M.S. in Organizational Leadership & Development, has professional certificates across many disciplines, as well as being a founding member of The Global Institute for Thought Leadership. She is professional coach affiliated with the ACC as an Emotional Intelligence and Leadership coach. She resides in Colorado, with her dog(s) – depending on if there are foster dogs in the house or not.

Taryn Reeves

Tarryn Reeves is a conscious disruptor heading up her impactful businesses as the head marketing witch of Zimpasha (her creative marketing agency and epic team of VAs) and as the book bitch of Four Eagles Publishing (her publishing company for conscious disruptors and thought leaders wanting to make an impact with their writing). She is a USA Today best-selling author, Book Coach, Publisher and visibility expert whose work has been featured in Los Angeles Times, World News Network, Thrive Global and more. Together with her team she works with high-level entrepreneurs to get loud and visible so that they can create ripple effects of impact with their message across the globe. She resides in Australia with her husband, daughter and a myriad of animals. When she isn’t creating best-sellers and coming up with remarkable marketing strategies, she can be found nurturing her garden or reading a good book.

Piper Gibson

Piper Gibson is a Doctor of Advanced Holistic Nutrition, Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, and is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine. Piper helps scared, frustrated, and overwhelmed parents get access to the tools and education they need so they can start reducing their child's tic disorder symptoms naturally. She is the founder of Regenerating Health and the creator of Tic Disorders 101. This foundational program teaches parents holistic methods that will restore their child's health in the face of a potentially confusing and worrying diagnosis. After going from stay-at-home mom to children's holistic health expert, Piper has been able to help many families just like hers to gain control of their child's tic disorder using food, functional lab testing, and natural approaches. She is the Corporate Educator for GX Sciences and was recently featured in Authority Magazine. She can also be heard on The Autism Wellbeing Podcast and 15-Minute Matrix.


Our Reviews

Amazing Journey
Thank you to these wonderful women for sharing their journeys and inspiring others. I really enjoyed how the stories were woven together with a similar thread, even though they were all very different.
Ted and Jack
Inspiring! Authentic! Real! Great Business Success Stories.
Just finished the first story. Wow! She's a great writer, and I appreciate a great writer. She has a line in there that I just LOVE: "What is for you will not pass you by". Brilliant! I must say, as of lately, I have gravitated towards female business authors. Not that I have ever avoided female authors in the past, but I just think there are so many more now than ever before. Here is what I LOVE about female authors: 1) So authentic! In general, I think women are more open to expressing their feelings, and it opens a floodgate of truth! 2). No ego. I'm sorry guys! I'm a guy too, but there is much ego in the male persona. it's kinda part of our makeup, but its a breath of fresh air to see the "not-ego". 3). Female business owners seem to have the best stories. So inspiring. Anyway congrats on the book. I love it.
Lu Purcell
Resonated with me 1000%
Being a corporate dropout myself, this book totally hit home. If you are currently climbing the corporate ladder but are feeling depressed, burnt out and dreading the day ahead every morning, then this book is for you! It's so nice to know I wasn't alone.
MUST READ! 10/10!
Extremely inspirational to read so many true life stories! I love reading so many motivational bits. Less of an "employee to entrepreneur", more of a "zero to HERO!" I will be recommending this to so many people!
Wonderful book about entrepreneurship
I really enjoyed these relatable as to how these enterprising women started their businesses. Very informative and easy to read.
Kelly G

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” “Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologise for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path.”


– Mandy Hale, ‘The Single Woman’

 Download a sample here

What a great way to celebrate the start of the week as we see the launch of this book Successful Women In Business Leadership Edition.


Women entrepreneurs are rarely satisfied with the status quo: Instead they strive to build the world in the way it should be rather than abiding by a system that’s potentially archaic or outdated. During the course of researching this book we have come to realise that breaking down barriers for women in the workplace is key to success for companies and for countries.

That’s the message we hope you will pick up from this book. When more and more women are seen at the top of organisations and running high growth technology businesses, the more this will be regarded as the standard and a perfectly normal, and logical, path to choose.

For those business women that have their own ideas for creating a business, if people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore – you’ve got this….

The Thought Leaders Who Contributed To This Book:

_Anjani Amriit,    Alison Blacker,    Tracy Richardson,   Chris Roberts MBE,  _

Carly Hooper,    Marie Friend,    Gen Edwards,   Junko Kemi,

Honey Lansdowne,     Effi Mai Paul,    Lorena Öberg,    Debi Wallbank,

Alexa Doman,      Christine Khor,     Renee Catt,      Suzi Chen,

Emma Coleman,   Linda Stewart,     Judith Treanor.


We’ve chosen  Anjani Amriit‘s chapter, The Secret Inner Path To Balance And Business Success” as our sample chapter for the launch of this title. Here’s a few paragraphs to give you a flavour of what’s inside Click Here

Note From Jacqueline (Editor)

Jacqueline Rose

I’d like to personally thank everyone who’s been involved in this book project by being instrumental in making this possible. By collaborating together we can achieve so much more…

For all the women who are thinking of starting their own business to those of you that are working on your business daily may the words of wisdom within these pages will help you to make Your dreams come true to – Enjoy the read from Jacqueline & the team here at A Woman’s Bible.