Are you ready to go to the next level in your spiritual awakening and activate your soul purpose?

Massive Impact is an entrepreneurial women’s community whose mission is to influence, impact and inspire successful women to be true to and invest in their unique qualities and translate this into making a massive impact in their own lives, and the world at large.

Why this retreat?

Across the globe, women are being called on the inner plane to align with their soul’s lineage and take initiation to access the new order of feminine codes of light and share these wisdoms with the world.

From the team who brought you Massive Impact: The Heart of Self Love, we invite you to join us on this sacred retreat to India to activate your Divine Feminine light codes during the most auspicious time of the full moon; an enduring symbol of the feminine.

This is a retreat for only women who are ready to go to the next level in their spiritual awakening and activate their soul purpose.

This retreat has been created specifically to offer sacred initiation to those women who feel a deep calling in their hearts to receive these Divine Feminine codes of light.

Do you know that you have a guiding light within you?

Do you know you came here for a bigger purpose than you are currently living?

Have you received an intuitive ‘hit’ on a need to shift direction, but find yourself too busy to follow through?

Do you become frightened about possible negative outcomes, failure, or what other’s might think if you were to fully stand in your feminine power?

Do you feel it is your time to reclaim your Divine Feminine Light Codes to activate your soul’s purpose?

Why now ?

There is an energetic window in our current yuga (age) for great healing, initiation and activation of the Divine Feminine sweeping the Earth at this time.

You have a unique path that is your soul’s calling.

You won’t feel totally fulfilled until all your gifts are recognised and flowing. To do that, you have stop and take time out of your life and reconnect with your higher feminine self and your fellow women. Our spiritual ancestors would call these timeouts ‘initiations’.

When we ignore the calling or our soul, our life becomes empty, meaningless and we feel a large part of the self-missing.

Are you willing to be guided by wise women, initiated elders, to a sacred place of deep soul awakening for 7 days to unlock your feminine codes of light so you can serve in a bigger, better way?

Together we will be accessing the feminine light codes from sacred channels that are opening across the Earth at this time.

As an initiate of these light codes, you will be empowered to align with your souls calling to play your part in the evolution of the consciousness of the planet to bring about greater peace, unity, connectedness and love.

This time to retreat and receive powerful initiations is for you if:

You feel stagnant, frustrated, stuck, or unmotivated where you are and know you came here to make a bigger impact

You have been on a spiritual journey for more than 12 months and feel ready to take your spiritual connection to a deeper place

You know something big is coming for you and want clear guidance and direction around it

You are committed to having your higher self-lead your life, and are ready to connect with your Divine Feminine light codes on sacred land

You are ready for the next sacred initiation to activate your soul’s purpose

Meet Your Team

Amrita Anjani is a Soul Purpose Mentor. She is genius at supporting female entrepreneurs, business professionals and visionaries, access their feminine essence and align with their greatest purpose to positively influence in the world.

Antoinette Anandanetti is an inner peace activist.She coaches, mentors, teaches meditation and mantra, writes and speaks about Peace, and helps people find Peace within themselves.
Shekinah is a master healer and teacher specialising in spiritual transformation, facilitating profound activation of the soul and life path. She is conscious, grounded and loving.

What You Can Expect

Who Is This For?

Your facilitators are advanced spiritual aspirants with over 80 years of training and teaching between them. They are passionate about supporting women to access their own innate feminine wisdom and spreading practical esoteric teachings to assist women to have the confidence and clarity, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who she is and her power to help change the world.

The energy of this retreat will be very powerful and fast moving.

This retreat is not for beginners. You must have a minimum of 12 months of personal and spiritual development experience to be eligible to attend this retreat.

Retreat Investment

Retreat dates: April 18 - 24th 2019

Retreat Venue: Sripuram Ashram, Peedam, Thirovanamalakioda, India



+ GST + booking fee
Until 20th July


+ GST + booking fee
Starting 21st July

(includes: all tuition fees, energetic support, lift and healings during the retreat, daily retreat program, guided meditations, spiritual light code initiations with three Initiated Spiritual Teachers and Master Healers)

(excludes accommodation, airfares, food, transfers)

This retreat is intimate, unique and exclusive
here are only 20 spaces available
This retreat will sell out fast


Email us at
30-day refund available only in the event of illness where a medical certificate is provided.

Peedam is situated in a small village outside Vellore in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is surrounded by mountains and lush, scenic beauty. It is claimed that several centuries ago, the Saints and Sages (Devas & Siddhas) prayed for many years to the Universal Mother for a physical form of the Divine Mother (Amma) to descend on the Earth to protect humanity from the afflictions of the Dark Age (Kaliyuga). These selfless prayers were heard and Amma incarnated in human form on the earth where She resides in Peedam today. She is known as Sri Narayani Amma, the Sakthi form of the Holy Trinity of Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

It is said that only the great merits and good deeds of several births and the immense grace of Sri Sakthi Amma can lead a person to this holy place.

Visiting this Holy Place is the ultimate blessing of life. Devotees come from many parts of the world to take this precious opportunity to surrender and take refuge at the Lotus Feet of Sri Sakthi Amma.

Click here for full details of Peedam Ashram

Sri Sakthi Amma was born on January 3rd, 1976. She was born with a distinct mark of the “Namam” (Divine Symbol). Knowing the meaning of the symbol, many recognized the child to be holy and very blessed, and from a very early age, Amma began showing a great interest in spiritual life.

As a child, Amma participated eagerly in Pujas and Yagnas (religious ceremonies) and would insist on visiting temples and prayer sessions on a daily basis. In primary school, Amma had a profound interest only in spiritual life, and participated in Pujas and Bhajans daily. On many occasions, Amma would be absent from school and would be found on temple premises or at places where religious activities were being conducted. By the time Amma was sixteen Amma was known to have the gift of performing miracles and manifestations.

On the way to a temple one day, Amma was sitting in a bus by the window, gazing towards the sky. Suddenly a ray of energy traveled from Amma into the sky and took the form of Goddess Narayani. After the form was revealed, it disappeared and the ray of energy returned to Amma’s body. This signified that the time had come to disclose to mankind that an “Avatar” (Divine being) had been born.

Many miracles followed and many people came daily to receive Amma’s Darshan (blessings) and remedies for their problems and ailments. As the congregation grew, a Peedam was established around Amma. Miracles alone are not Sri Narayani Amma’s mission.

Amma’s pujas, service, discourses etc. are all done to elevate people into the realms of spirituality. To raise humanity into Godliness is Amma’s goal and Amma does this everyday. Amma now travels to different parts of the world spreading Amma’s message and guiding mankind on the spiritual path. Amma’s miracles and prophecies continue to alleviate people’s sufferings

Ground travel arrangements from Chennai to Peedam are included in the price and will be made for you.

You will need to arrange your flights to and from Chennai Airport.

We will arrange for travellers to be picked up at Chennai Airport and transported to the Sri Narayani Peedam Ashram by taxi.

It takes about 3 hours to reach Peedam from Chennai Airport. Due to flight arrival times, this may require a late night taxi drive.

For those who prefer to stay a day or two to take in the shopping and sights of Chennai, we recommend you book into the Trident Hotel (at your own expense).

The Trident is a short 10 minute drive from Chennai airport. When you book you can order the hotel taxi to collect you from the airport.

Arrangements will be made for your travel from Chennai to the Peedam Ashram.