Energy is Everything Part 1: The Secret to Reaching your Fullest Potential

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Who am I to argue with Einstein?

Whether you are a scientist, a realist, an atheist, or anything in between, you would have heard of this infamous equation and its creator, the illumined Albert Einstein.

But not many of us really understand the significance of this small equation when it comes to its practical use in terms of living our fullest potential.

When this equation burst onto the science scene in 1905, it literally changed life as we knew and understood it. This small equation proved that mass and energy are the same thing. And even more exciting, it proved that mass and energy are constantly being converted into each other.

So what has this got to do with our potential? Well everything!

1. You convert ‘matter’ directly from your ‘energy’.

Put simply (as this is not a physics class) your ‘energy’ is constantly being converted into other forms of energy called ‘matter’. Your energy literally shapes the matter or environment around you!

Now think of thoughts. Thoughts are energy. If we can direct our thoughts in a particular way, it follows that we can create matter in a specific way from our ‘thought energy’. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics is now proving this.

What we think, literally creates our life. Knowing how to ‘direct’ this energy to create your life experience is the key to you manifesting your ultimate potential.

Think negative thoughts long enough, consistently enough, and you will create negative experiences and events. Think life affirming resourceful thoughts, long enough, consistently enough, and you will transform your life into your fullest potential.

Your ‘feelings’ have energy too. So if you know how to direct your ‘thought energy’ and your ‘feeling energy’ into specific forms of matter, then you have mastered the art of conscious creation!

2. Your thoughts and feelings directly affect and impact all of creation.

Here’s the really exciting part!! This principle of energy being converted into matter goes beyond our physical body and personal experience.

Energy is not contained. We cannot ‘contain’ energy in our body. Energy is everywhere and everything. It’s just hanging around waiting for someone or something to create it into matter. So what we do with our thought energy and our feeling energy, flows in and out of us all the time. It merges with not only our immediate surroundings but, the entire world.

What we think and feel directly affects life as we know it. A simple example is the stock market. It is literally run on the thoughts, beliefs and expectations of humans. When enough people hold a belief there is going to be a crash, there is a crash. When enough people get momentum in the thought and feeling that there will be an upsurge, there is an upsurge.

Even though you probably never think about it, E = mc2 is the secret to how everything is created in our world. It is the leading edge of infinite potential into which we are all plugged.

3. Energy conversion secret

Spoiler alert! This equation even tells us how much energy is needed to create our life experience and potential.

A specific amount of energy, directed in a certain way, is required to create matter. Without knowing the conversion factor, its haphazard. This is why, not every thought we think is instantly manifested as our reality.

When you understand the ratios, what amount and how, then you can consciously manifest your life into one that really does matter.

4. You have endless infinite possibilities and potential

It’s not just any old matter either that you are converting your energy into. It is ‘new’ matter. New experiences. New possibilities. And, most importantly, infinite potential.

In summary:

  • We are all made up of energy
  • Energy and matter are the same thing
  • Energy gets constantly converted into matter (life)
  • Our ‘thought energy’ and ‘feeling energy’ is the driving force that directs or ‘shapes’ what kind of matter (life) gets created
  • ​Energy is infinite
  • Your potential to convert energy to matter is infinite
  • Your potential is infinite!

Would you like to know the secrets to how to consciously direct your energy create your fullest potential?

I am passionate about helping you understand and step into you power and fullest potential to create a life on purpose and fully aligned with your purpose.

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