Energy is Everything Part 2: The Secret to Reaching your Fullest Potential

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Energy really is everything!!

It is not a material world. It’s an energetic world. A world of energetic vibration.

The day that I finally realised this, is the day my life transformed.

I’d had a longstanding incredibly successful career in law. From my English working class roots, I worked long and hard for over a decade to firmly established myself as a globally successful corporate M&A (mergers and acquisition) lawyer.

Studying law was a herculean 8 year slog for me. My studies were a daily struggle. After my studies, it took me another 4 years of volunteer work, training, elocution lessons and moving away from my family and home town to finally land a job as a lawyer. Then the hard work really began! It did not come easy.

After 10 years in a law firm, I was invited by a client to work for their entertainment and promotions company. I had three amazing years working on the global roll out of the massive hit musical “Dirty Dancing’ on Broadway, the West End and all major cities.

Now you could say that I had reached my potential in my life and career. I travelled the world business and first class. I negotiated multi-billion dollar deals with rooms of 20 to 30 male counterparts. I was often the only female in the room. I worked with major film and theatre companies and music labels. From the outside looking in, I had it all.

And yet. After a 14 year stellar career, I felt utterly miserable, alone, exhausted and empty inside. I was at the top of my game but never felt good enough. I worked harder than everyone else to make up for my lack of self confidence. Even though I earned a lot of money, I was in debt. I would spend all money on holidays, clothes, friends and lavish restaurants. I was trying to fill the gaping hole inside of me. Of course, this didn’t work and simply drained my finances.

My health deteriorated in an alarming way. I had regular panic attacks, and was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease. This severely affected my ability to travel for work, my social life and my self worth. I resigned myself to the fact that I could never lead a normal health life.

Today, as I write this to you now, I am fulfilled, happy and my health is better than it ever was. I have supportive generous friends, colleagues and peers. I am debt free, financially secure and no longer need to spend money to feel good. I feel full and enriched with my life and life itself.

I still travel the world with work. These days, its through leading groups of people on their journey of self transformation to incredible exotic far flung places of the globe. I get to do what I absolutely love, travel to places I want to see, and with the most amazing people. I get to help people just like you, totally transform their lives.

What changed? Everything!

When we are not aligned with our true nature, our purpose, we cannot reach our fullest potential.

We can work hard and crawl our way to the top of any field of industry. But I find so often with my clients who have done this, that they are in the same boat as I was. Miserable, in debt, unhealthy, lacking meaningful relationships, lacking confidence, stressed and anxious.

I now help people become a match to their purpose, power and potential. You see, there is nothing wrong with the practice of law, or being a lawyer. It was simply not right for me personally. It was never a fit with my vibration, my energy signal.

How did I get from there to here? I figured out that we all have a unique energy signal. We are born with it.

We are all made up of energy. Everything on the planet is made of energy. This energy vibrates at different wavelengths. We are either ‘in tune’ with our own energy signal or ‘out of tune’ with it. If we are out of tune with it, then life is hard. We suffer greatly. Our money, health, vitality, confidence, relationships all become drained and draining.

When we are dialled in to our own unique signal, then life is much easier. We are easily able to become a match to all the things our heart desires. We plug into infinite resources of energy. Money, relationships, confidence, vitality, creativity all flows to us effortlessly.

It is like singing. We are either in key or out of key. You know how it feels to hear someone singing out of key don’t you? It’s jarring. It doesn’t flow nicely through you. It is abrasive to your ears. It can even make you tense up. It’s draining to listen to.

How do you know if you career or life is not a match to your unique energy signal?

Here are the signs to look out for:

  • You feel drained, exhausted and stressed most of the time.
  • Your life is an effort.
  • You work really hard, you out the hours in but your efforts are not rewarding for you.
  • You don’t feel confident in what you do, or who you are.
  • You are missing a loving intimate supportive relationship.
  • You long for something but don’t really know what it is.
  • You can’t seem to get on top of your finances.

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