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This week we celebrated the Equinox and Astrological New Year


So what? You might be thinking. How is that going to help me navigate my overwhelm, my overcommitments, my diminishing bank balance, my pent up anger, my crumbling relationship, my way out of my crappy job that I hate????


We are all living in an Age of Technology. We are so connected on one hand via technology. But this has led to a massive disconnect from our selves, the natural world around us and our natural higher intelligences or instincts. 


The pandemic has only served to exacerbate this disconnect. 


We are disconnected from the natural cycles of life, including our own internal subjective experience of the world. We have dialled out of our own feelings and plugged into technology to give us the answers to our lives. 


When was the last time you took a deep breath, and really felt your own emotions. I mean just really sat with them, when you felt sad or lonely. 


We have collectively replaced our natural inner guidance system of feelings and emotions, with external quick fixes.


Why feel lonely when I can get a quick fix of excitement or love from binge watching the latest drama trending on Netflix.  

Have you tried making an important decision lately and felt confused, uncertain, even scared to make the wrong choice?


This happens when we try to live life though our head alone. Our mind is just a data processor. It just spits out data we have inputted. It has no capacity for organic natural inspirational or growth. It has zero capacity to process our feelings and emotions. It cannot tell us what is meaningful to us. It only has data to offer. 


This month I have had to make some major changes to my life and business. If I relied on my logic and mental thoughts to make the huge decisions I have had to make, I would have been paralysed or worst still been calling my friends to ask them what they think! 


Have you ever noticed that your logical mind can only take you so far and then you reach out to others for answers? 


Problem is, there is no one on the planet who has lived exactly the life you have lived. And yet somehow we think our friends know better than we do as to what is best for us. 


This Equinox (20th march) is a MAJOR DEAL. It brings with it a shift in our collective consciousness that will affect everyone on the planet for the next 12 months. It is ruled by Venus and relates directly to our relationships, self worth and values. How we relate to ourselves is going to be challenged too. 


We are no longer going to get away with processing life and its challenges through our head. We are going to be forced (kicking and screaming if we must) to get out of our heads and go deeper into our heart. Our feelings and emotions. 


It is the perfect time for us to connect to what really matters to us. When we are connected to our heart and emotions we feel our way to the answer. We don’t make lists of pros and cons. When faced with big decisions and ask ourselves “How does this make me feel”?.

Our heart tells us instantly what we need, want and what is relevant to us subjectively. 


The Venus conjunction this Equinox is helping us let go of instant guilty pleasures, so that we can access something more valuable and long lasting, that brings us meaning and purpose. It helps us plug in to our ideals, our soul’s mission and soul’s purpose


This month (and for the next 12 months) is a MASSIVE opportunity for us to dial in, to our emotions, and ask ourselves:-

  • What are my ideals?
  • What really matters to me?
  • Does my current relationship reflect my ideals?
  • Does my current job/career reflect my personal values and ideals?
  • Is what I am doing every day bringing me closer to or further away from my ideals? 

If you get a yes to these questions then the heart energy of Venus will support you to take affirmative next steps to progress your ideal. 


If you get a no, don’t worry, Venus is going to help you let go with ease and grace. Just avoid fighting yourself or Venus on this. You know deep down what has to go. 


Write down today what really matters to you. Then let this become your guiding light to direct your decisions this next astrological year.  


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I have limited slots so only apply if you are really ready to do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality. That means you are ready to commit time and invest your money to this where necessary. 


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With love,

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