How to Transform ‘MindFULL’ into ‘Mindful’ ~ for a Life of Profound Purpose

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There is a huge difference between having a ‘mind-full’ and practising ‘mindfulness’.

Mindfulness is the practice of purposeful focus.

This practice has been around for millennium. It is not new. What is new however, is that science is finally catching up with what the masters of all great psychological and spiritual philosophies have always known. Meditation and mindfulness practices radically shift fear, anxiety, stress and improve resilience, ability to focus, effectiveness and levels of engagement, happiness and fulfillment.

A new mindfulness movement is sweeping the globe. The UK Government is the latest cohort to jump on this wave. The UK ‘Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group’ (MAPPG) published a report following an inquiry into the potential for mindfulness training in key areas of public life. The findings were unanimously in favour of mindfulness practices.

The MAPPG report gave recommendations for adopting mindfulness programs across 4 key sectors of the UK’s entire health, workplace, education and the criminal justice system.

So many people come to me to help them find their purpose. It’s my experience that we cannot discover our true purpose if our minds are frantically looped in negative thought loops, and self limiting beliefs.

The first step to addressing this is to quiet the mind. When we practice regular ‘time outs’ to meditate or simply sit quietly to observe our thoughts and not identify the Self with the thought, then we can start to get greater clarity around what we do not want, and what it is we really do want in our life experience. This is the gateway to our greater purpose.

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