Lourdes France Retreat

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Meet Anjani

Anjani Venusia Profound Purpose Retreats are uniquely designed to help you recharge, redesign and refocus on your purpose FULL life and vocation in epic landscapes on sacred healing land. To get you out of daily grind and into your desires, dreams and your purposeful life design. It is only when we escape our usual surrounds that we can get a greater perspective on ourselves, our dreams and our ultimate purposeful destiny. This sacred retreat will allow you the time and space to stop the world, get off, and get into alignment with your purpose. You will enjoy an enlightening outback journey in magnificent surroundings of great historical significance. Enjoy world class meditations, new friendships, all with plenty of time for self reflection, play, and relaxation.

The Dreamtime

According to Aboriginal belief, all life is part of one vast unchanging network of relationships which can be traced to the great spirit ancestors of the Dreamtime. The Dreaming is ever present in the spiritual lives of Aboriginal people today. The events of creation are enacted in ceremonies and sacred dance. Songs and sounds of the didgeridoo or clap sticks relate the story of creation and brings the power of the dreaming to life today.

During the creation of our world, the ancestors moved across a barren land, hunting, camping, fishing and loving and in doing so shaped a featureless landscape. Moving from Dreams to actions, the ancestors made the ants, the emus, the crows, the possums, the wallabies, the kangaroos, the lizard, the goanna, the snakes and all the food and plants. They made the sun, the moon and the planets. They made the humans, tribes and clans. Each could transform into the other. A plant could become an animal, an animal a landform, a landform a man or a woman. Everything was created from the same source. Everything was created in the Dreamtime. As the world took shape and was filled with species and varieties of the ancestral transformations, the ancestors tired and retired into* the earth* the sky* the clouds* and the creatures. This is how life was and is created.

About the Australian Outback

The Australian Outback has a sacred majesty to it. For this sacred retreat, you will experience the best that the outback has to offer. Waking up with the sun, meditating, self reflection, and deep healing seem to come naturally here. The Australian outback is the only place where you can connect with Indigenous Anangu (Aboriginal) culture. From The Dreamtime stories, to the sacred healing spots and waters of Lilla and the generosity and openness of the local community, Lilla and its local inhabitants sweep everyone off their feet.

"It was a truly amazing experience, which I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a off the beaten track adventure. I now have a greater understanding of and deep respect for the Aboriginal people and their culture."
Scott, Soul Preneur
Self Employed, Sydney
"Profoundly moving’ is the standout description which I would apply to the first sight of the county from the landing plane (unexpected), the visit to Uluru, the vibe from Kata Tjuta, the expanse of horizon to horizon, the constant variation in vegetation, the freshness of the air, the age of the country, the sight of the dingo wandering through the camp, beholding rock paintings and fossils, the determination of trees and other plants to flourish regardless of terrain, the colour and spectacle of sky and land....!"
Lez, Soul Seeker
"It was a truly authentic way to experience the magic and awe that the Outback has to offer. Cant wait to go back. Our hosts and guides rocked! I came to deeply realise how we live in a very blessed country and how there is still a lot of work to be done to create peace in our own backyard, and how being part of this trip was a fantastic way to be involved in that."
IT, Sydney

Meet Anjani

Corporate Lawyer turned Soul Purpose Mentor, Anjani Amriit supports your purposeful cause and potential to be drawn and born into the world.

It was on a holiday to the Outback of Australia that Anjani Amriit experienced a profound awakening of her soul and purpose in life. On arriving in the red desert lands, she immediately felt ‘at home’ in this foreign land. Her connection to the Anangu people was instant. She was subsequently initiated into a local community and recognised by them as a ‘seer’.

A soulpreneur at heart, after leaving law Anjani Amriit realised her purpose was to help others searching for more meaning, purpose and connection to their own life purpose.

When not mentoring corporate leaders & executives, soulpreneurs, holistic practitioners and big dreamers, Anjani Amriit spends her time travelling the world facilitating Profound Purpose Retreats to extraordinary sacred lands.

Anjani Amriit’s Profound Purpose Retreats are ‘one of a kind’ experiences of adventure and magic. Anjani Amriit offers a modern approach to ancient wisdoms offering purposeful mentoring and deep healing on all levels to get you back on track and on purpose.

Anjani Amriit has been facilitating retreats to sacred lands for over a decade with incredible life changing results.

Anjani Amriit’s work has been profiled in various publications, including Living Now, Women’s Health, Hay House Radio, and ABC Radio A Current Affair.

Here's what they are saying about her:

"Anjani opens you up to a whole new world of self-discovery, empowerment and opportunity that keeps expanding and growing as you expand and grow in the world around you."

"Anjani has a spirit that exudes from an authentic place of ease and fulfilment deep within."

Anjani Amriit lives in Sydney Australia and offers Soul Purpose Private Mentoring, Group Programs & Events and Profound Purpose Retreats across the globe. Anjani Amriit is a uniquely inspiring motivational speaker and brings light, energy and clarity to all she works with. She is a regular guest speaker at corporate and government organisations, women’s forums and purposeful social gatherings around the world.


The price of attending the Retreat at Uluru is $2,200 per person excluding flights.

The price includes: all camping equipment including swags, pillows, sheets and sleeping bags; all park entry fees and admission costs; all fees for guides; most meals and snacks; hot/cold non- alcoholic beverages; fresh drinking water; all travel after pick up at Uluru airport as set out in the itinerary.

The price covers donations to the Lilla Community and expert tuition, facilitation by Anjani, and any healing required.

Retreat Dates: 1st to 10th September 2019