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Anjani Amriit appears regularly on TV and Radio interviews and as a cherished guest on inspirational and transformational podcasts.

She is highly sought after for her engaging, enlightening and practical insights on how to create a life, business and career firmly anchored in your personal POWER, at your greatest POTENTIAL, fully aligned with your PURPOSE for the success, impact and financial freedom you came here to experience.









Season 1 Episode 11: Finding Your Soul Purpose featuring Anjani Amriit

Women’s Dream Enlightenment, a podcast for women, features deep discussions, dream interpretation and spiritual stories of awakening.

Hosted by Megan Mary, a dream analyst, intuitive, introvert, mystic, writer and founder of Women’s Dream Analysis. Megan works with clients all over the world offering dream interpretation, women’s empowerment, transformative journeys and spiritual awakening guidance.

Season 1 Episode 11: Finding Your Soul Purpose features Anjani Amriit, entrepreneur, leadership & women’s empowerment expert, speaker and author, and explores how she combines spiritual wisdom with practical strategies to help women reclaim their power and align with their highest purpose and soul destiny.


High Performing Ex-Corporate Lawyer turned International Best Selling Author: Anjani Amriit

In this episode of Level Up Academy this week,  Anjani talked about how the fast pace environment of being a corporate lawyer made her mentally exhausted and physically sick. Today, she provides women especially in Australia to help women be empowered to their full potential. This conversation has so much added value conversations for business leaders.


Becoming Magnetic by Combining Ancient Wisdom & Modern Business. With Anjani Amriit and Rai Rose

If your business leaves you feeling drained, depleted, and frustrated, and you find yourself “outsourcing” your needs to things external to yourself – like Netflix&Chill, alcohol, relationships, and more – then this is the episode you need to hear. 


‘Running Towards our Elderhood,’ an enlightening chat with women’s empowerment expert Anjani Amriit.

Mel and Trish chat to the very fascinating 50isher Anjani Amriit about embracing, rather than running away from our elderhood. She sees midlife as a time to really harness our feminine energy and use our wisdom both, in the service of women around us and the younger generations to follow.


Episode 40 – Soar Podcast – With Anjani Amriit and Rai Rose

If your business leaves you feeling drained, depleted, and frustrated, and you find yourself “outsourcing” your needs to things external to yourself – like Netflix&Chill, alcohol, relationships, and more – then this is the episode you need to hear. Anjani Amriit is a business and leadership coach who uses powerful energetic techniques and ancient wisdom to help her clients heal, “insource” their needs, and become magnetic to clients, profit, and goal achievement – all to the tune of having MASSIVE positive global impact.


From Corporate Dropout to Making the Impossible, Possible – with Anjani Amriit

Anjani Amriit discusses transitioning from the Corporate world to becoming a female empowerment coach. Listen to this episode to hear some insight into the changes Anjani has made to become a highly successful coach and book author!


What Would Amber Do?

hosted by Amber Howard

Fearlessly Loving Ourselves with Anjani Amriit

In this episode, Amber and Anjani discuss – Anjani’s eat, pray love journey from burnt out lawyer to today
– Empathy training
– Being internally sourced
– Challenges as doorways to contribution
– Self consciousness vs. self awareness
– Matriarchal societies
– Applying self awareness to leadership
– Holding space for woman to express themselves freely


SA Leaders Podcast

hosted by Natasha Malani 

The Power of Collaboration

In this episode, Anjani Amriit and Natasha Malani share a number of insights around what builds trust and makes collaboration successful. 


Fox Talks Business Podcast

hosted by Tanya Fox

Letting Go of Self Sabotage

In this episode, Tanya Fox talks with Anjani about why women are 27% more likely to self-sabotage, why life and business is an ‘inside job’, how to tell the difference between value and price and more! 

Corporate lawyer turned Eastern-influenced leadership expert and women’s empowerment advocate, best selling author, speaker, author, and social-preneur. Anjani Amriit went from crisis to contribution.


Herpreneur Podcast

hosted by Annette Lackovic

“Connecting to Your Purpose” with Anjani Amriit

Ready to unlock your fullest potential?

Anjani Amriit is passionate about helping you gain deep insights and unlocking the limitations that hold you back to unveil your fullest potential and helping you create a remarkable business and life.



The Simpler Business Podcast 

hosted by Marissa Roberts

“Confessions of a Corporate Dropout” with Anjani Amriit

Anjani is  featured on this podcast talking about her experience as a corporate dropout and why more and more women are leaving corporate to start their own business. 


Yes I Can! Podcast

The secrets to life, family and business success from inspiring women around the world

Host: Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.

“Using your book to build authority & trust with the Corporate Dropout Authors” with Anjani Amriit

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. shares the life, career, business and family success from inspiring women around the world. These women are the leaders and influential trailblazers in their fields. Balancing various aspects of life is what any women seek while being the best version of themselves.


A Sharon Cliffe Podcast

hosted by Sharon Cliffe

“How to Succeed on Your Terms” with Anjani Amriit

On todays episode Anjani and Sharon discuss:-

  • How to do life on your terms
  • Tools to empower yourself
  • How to stop the self sabotage
  • Why you need to stop people pleasing
  • How to have a healthy bank balance without sucking your soul dry
  • The 4 aspects of self


A Money Honey Media Podcast

hosted by Joanne McCauley

“Let’t Get Down to Business” with Anjani Amriit 

Money Honey is a podcast about small businesses in Australia. Anjani Amriit features on Episode 45 of Money Honey.

Listen as she talks a bit about her business and life.


A Body Forever Podcast

hosted by Amy Brogan

Speak Your Mind – Transformation with Anjani Amriit 

How do you feel on a day-to-day basis? When you wake up every morning, are you ready to take on the day, excited for what lies ahead? If the answer is no – check this story out. Life is too short not to be living life exactly as you choose.

For the full conversation click the button below!


The Eastern Influenced Corporate Leader Podcast

with Alana Mai Mitchell

Inner Intelligences with Anjani

In Episode 1, Anjani Amriit shares her story from burnout to bliss. Anjani studied under the guidance of Eastern masters in India, and today she shared her insights on inner intelligences, self awareness, the energetic body and much more.

For about the last 15 mins, Anjani was so kind as to lead us on a guided meditation. Enjoy.


Brave New Women Podcast

with Cecilia Poullain

My latest guest appearance on Cecilia Poullain’s podcast Brave New Women is now available to listen to on all major channels. In this podcast I reveal the exact roadmap I used to make this move successfully.

This is a tell all interview!! Cecilia did an excellent job teasing out of me all the deepest darkest secrets of my life.

In the interview, we talk about my childhood, my 360 career change from lawyer to spiritual teacher, and now Leadership & Women’s Empowerment Expert supporting women leaders, founders and executives to achieve unprecedented levels of success and fulfilment.

What they are saying about this podcast …

Wow! thank you so much Anjani for your honesty and vulnerability. This inspired me so much that I joined your leadership program. I am so grateful to be working with you and the transformation that started from our very first call.

Anjani, I have to say that this was my all time favourite podcast interview. I related to everything you shared from your own personal story. I really hit home for me on so many levels. I am glad I reached out to you and for your subsequent amazing support in helping me achieve what I really came here to achieve. Thank you!

I cried. I laughed. I connected with your story in so many ways. Just want to reach out and say a big thank you Anjani for being so open and raw in this interview. You inspired me greatly to make some significant changes in my life and work.


The Silver Sirens Guide to Living Agelessly Podcast

With Faith Agugu

Anjani Amriit, Entrepreneur, Visionary and Change Agent!

Anjani is a Soul Purpose Master. She is genius at supporting heart-based business owners, light workers and executives, to claim their personal power and align with their fullest potential, to manifest their greatest purpose into their lives and businesses for radical freedom, success, and abundance. She pursues change and transformation, new learning and wisdom with avid enthusiasm. She is a seeker in the highest sense of the word.


Wise Women Conversations Podcast

with Angela Counsel

Life transitions with Anjani

In this weeks episode of Wise Women Conversations I chat with Spiritual Teacher Anjani Amriit about life transitions. Anjani is an Ayurvedic Practitioner as well as a Spiritual Teacher and she shares the Ayurvedic philosophy around growing older. There are 3 life stages in Ayurveda – child, adult, elder and Anjani refers to this as our stages of life. While we often celebrate the first 2 stages, many of us live in fear of the final stage but this can be the best time of our life.


The Me After Work Podcast 

with Celeste Moroney

You don’t Know What You Don’t Know

In this episode we speak with Anjani Amriit, a Soul Purpose Mentor. Anjani works with assisting senior executives, small business owners, and organisations to activate greater purpose for greater impact – in their career, relationships, finance, businesses and wellbeing. Anjani is a qualified Psycosynthesis Coach, Ayurvedic Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Energetics Expert. Her intuitive skills, enthusiasm and dynamism bring clarity, rapid transformation. She helps her clients to make the seemingly impossible, possible.




How to nap yourself smarter

You know those perfect moments when science tells you things you want to hear – like chocolate is good for you, or that you should be drinking red wine for your heart health?

Well, here’s another one of those gems that you can feel free to bring into the home or workplace: having a good rest can actually make you smarter




How do I stop myself finishing a bottle of wine?

Maybe it was the habit of lockdowns, maybe it’s the stress of work, or maybe it’s a desire to finish something once it’s started, but a lot of Australians don’t mind polishing off a bottle of wine after work.

Heavy drinking is seen as acceptable on many occasions, from weddings and sports games to children’s birthday parties and work functions. But it’s also part of people’s everyday lives, and for some it’s unhealthy.




Anjani Amriit Shares 5 Bold Moves to being a Confident Business Owner

Research carried out by Dr. Russ Harris revealed a ‘confidence gap’ when it comes to men outperforming women in business, despite women performing better academically. Engaging in self-promotion can often feel sleazy and uncomfortable for women business owners. It goes against all our conditioning as caregivers.


Why choose a socially responsible business?

Small businesses are a vital part of our economy and communities.

However, as we become more aware of the impact of human activities on the environment and society, it’s imperative for small businesses to adopt sustainability and social responsibility practices.

Our experts share their insights on the significance of small businesses adopting environmental sustainability and social responsibility practices. 


The unspoken 24/7 expectation: How corporate culture is failing women

We’ve certainly seen and heard of many companies placing greater importance on work-life balance. But does the reality match the rhetoric? There still seems to be an unhealthy expectation for employees to sacrifice their personal lives and wellbeing for the demands of their role at work.

And with many organisations headed by male leadership, gendered power dynamics could lead more women to be hit by these types of unacceptable expectations.


From burnout to balance: A business owner’s guide to managing stress and prioritizing mental health

Running a business can be a demanding and stressful experience, especially if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities and dealing with unexpected challenges. 

As a business owner, it’s important to prioritise your mental health and well-being so that you can make informed decisions and lead your business to success.


How Women can Avoid Burnout This Holiday Season

Festive burnout is a real and increasingly common phenomenon. For the busy woman who struggles to switch off, always works on holidays and considers taking just five minutes for themselves as a luxury, she is likely to approach Christmas the same way.


Let’s Talk: Is offering better remuneration the answer to retaining employees?  By Yajush Gupta

It is true that hiring and keeping the best staff is essential for businesses to prosper in today’s climate. The competition for excellent employees from larger businesses with more funds presents a particular challenge for small businesses and charity groups.

This week on Let’s Talk, the experts talk about the effect of pay on employee retention and whether or not providing better pay actually helps employees stay on the job.


Emily Chantiri 

Burnout: The new workplace pandemic and how to overcome it.
By Emily Chantiri
The pandemic and constant disruptions over the past two years have led many to question what they truly want from life.
Women, who were once told we could have it all, now struggle more than ever to find work-life balance.A study from Deloitte found that 47 per cent of women plan to leave their employer within the next two years.

Featured on Inside Small Business 


Q&A: Bringing ancient wisdom to the modern-day workplace; interviewed by Tim Ladhams

Q and A with Anjani Amriit who discusses the benefits of Eastern influence in your workplace. 


Featured on Spotlight Female Entrepreneurs Magazine

How To Succeed On Your Own Terms As A Woman in Business By Anjani Helen Amriit

Women are different, often misunderstood, especially when it comes to what they want from their business. Typically it’s to make a meaningful contribution. Here are top 3 tips for the modern business woman to succeed on her own terms. 


Featured on Small Business Trendsetters: Discovering Innovators and Leaders in Business, Technology, Health and Personal Development

Conscious Leadership and Women’s Empowerment Expert Anjani Amriit. The Tiny Program that Creates a Big Barrier for Women Business Owners

Businesses owned and run by women play a vital role in the economic performance of any country. And yet, the 2022 statistics reveal that inequality still exists when it comes to women in business. 


Featured on Business Innovators: Conversation with Industry and Community Leaders 

Conscious Leadership Expert and Women’s Empowerment Advocate Anjani Amriit Shares Her Success Journey And Secrets.

Interviewed by Dr Izdihar Jamil 

In this interview, Anjani Amriit shares her inspiring journey, success secrets and key actions that you can learn from.


Featured on Inside Small Business 


A 2014 ABS study of business owners shows that companies are more likely to be run by men than women, 66 per cent to 34 per cent. The proportion of women starting businesses has increased by only 3 per cent, from 31 per cent in the last 10 years.

Are women, in fact, holding themselves back when it comes to starting and running their own successful business?  Research indicates that this may be the case.


Law Society Journal Online

The Problem with Perfection by Kirrily Schwarz

Anjani Amriit,  shares her personal story of working in the legal profession and the impact on her mental health. Anjani Amriit also talks about the pressure as a lawyer and the pursuit for excellence and perfection. 


Featured on Companies Digest


The percentage of women owned businesses has steadily been rising over the past 20 years with an increase of 46%, compared with male owned businesses increasing by significantly less at 27%.

Women now account for over a third, or 34 % of all business operators, yet still fall short of a 50:50 split.

Are women in fact, keeping themselves stuck?  Research indicates that this may be the case.


The Phoenix Moevment Publication

Corporate Social Responsibility: the hidden agendas and how to avoid the pitfalls to win big in any business. 

Written by Anjani Amriit

Key indicator for growth in an uncertain world

The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to practices and policies of corporations that positively impact the world. The key idea is to pursue pro-social objectives, in addition to maximizing profits.

CSR is on the rise as many more companies get on board. But it’s not all good news.

The basic concept is simple.

Businesses have a responsibility, as custodians, to the planet and people. The ‘profit only’ agenda has long departed from its fashionable status of the ‘greed is good’ 80s and 90s. Now companies who focus on profit only, do so at their peril.




Businesses and staff turn to meditation to deal with stress of corporate life

Office workers struggling to deal with the demands of the corporate world are increasingly turning to alternative ideas to help them get through the week. From adult colouring-in books and yoga classes to mindfulness lessons and meditation sessions, businesses and their staff are thinking outside the box for stress relief techniques.


What Awareness Does To A Leader’s Brain

In this video, Anjani Amriit will help you understand you can use awareness as tool for a better leadership.


Is it too soon for a Republic? Debate in Australia

SpinCheck is a political program on 6News, cutting straight to the facts to discuss important political topics. 


Yes, I can! TV Show

Hosted by Dr Izdihar Jamil

Using a Book to Build Trust and Authority with Corporate Dropouts Authors; Episode #27

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. shares the life, career, business and family success from inspiring women around the world. These women are the leaders and influential trailblazers in their fields. Balancing various aspects of life is what any women seek while being the best version of themselves.


As Seen on Ticker News

Womens Empowerment with Anjani

the gender imbalance in key industries is improving every single year and we are moving in the right direction. But what stigmas are still very much alive and what challenges are women facing in business? Anjani Amriit who is a women’s empowerment expert joins Ticker News to Discuss Futher.


As Seen on Ticker News

Channeling Your Inner Resilience with Anjani

Leadership without contribution is meaningless. But we cannot contemplate giving back when we are facing challenges and struggles in our own life.

Anjani Amriit empower leaders, founders, teams and change makers across the globe who are on the brink of burn out, are disconnected from themselves and their families due to the increasing pressures at work, lack confidence in themselves despite having great career or business success to flip their limiting self talk, step into their power and create positive change in their own life, so that they can then make the meaningful contribution to the world that they know they came here for.



Own Your Own Divine Light with Janet Miller

On this show Anjani shares the secret to creating a splash, shining your light, and standing out from the crowd in a saturated digital world. She reveals her 3 step proven process for becoming unshakeable, so that you can share your message with the world and be seen, heard and recognised. 


Hay House Radio 

With Yasmin Boland

Change is Coming

This is one of the biggest weeks of 2019 astrologically, speaking. We get the move of Uranus into Taurus which means change, change, and more change! Yasmin will go over how it’s going to affect all the signs. Plus she will talk with a life coach and spiritual teacher Anjani about the best ways to navigate tumultuous times like this, especially with Mercury going retrograde this month. Plus, as always, Yasmin will take your calls.


AM Business with Sabra Lane


Businesses and staff turn to meditation to deal with stress of corporate life.


Anjani Helen Gregoriou, Meditation Coach
Emeritus Professor Barbara Pocock, University of South Australia’s Centre for Work and Life.

Office workers struggling to deal with the demands of the corporate world are increasingly turning to alternative ideas to help them get through the week.
From adult colouring-in books and yoga classes to mindfulness lessons and meditation sessions, businesses and their staff are thinking outside the box for stress relief techniques.


Radio Northern Beaches

with Chris Mercer

Soul Purpose Mentor, Anjani Amriit, shares her personal story of how she turned her back on a 14 year legal career as a Corporate M& A Lawyer at top circle law firms in the UK and Australia, and changed her life path to fulfil her own soul purpose. Anjani Amriit also shares how she now assists women in commerce and community to discover and deliver their purpose in their corporate leader and executive roles, their own businesses and in community.



Anjani is an entrepreneur, conscious co-creator, soul purpose mentor and miraculous manifestor!

She is passionate about motivating and inspiring you to create the highest vision of yourself and implement the strategies needed to make this your reality.

Anjani is in the business of making the seemingly impossible, possible!