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Anjani Amriit appears regularly on TV and Radio interviews and as a cherished guest on inspirational and transformational podcasts.

She is highly sought after for her engaging, enlightening and practical insights on how to create a life, business and career firmly anchored in your personal POWER, at your greatest POTENTIAL, fully aligned with your PURPOSE for the success, impact and financial freedom you came here to experience.


hosted by Joanne McCauley

“Let’t Get Down to Business” with Anjani Amriit 

Money Honey is a podcast about small businesses in Australia. Anjani Amriit features on Episode 45 of Money Honey.

Listen as she talks a bit about her business and life.

Featured On Inside Small Business

written by Anjani Amriit


A 2014 ABS study of business owners shows that companies are more likely to be run by men than women, 66 per cent to 34 per cent. The proportion of women starting businesses has increased by only 3 per cent, from 31 per cent in the last 10 years.

Are women, in fact, holding themselves back when it comes to starting and running their own successful business?  Research indicates that this may be the case.


The Problem with Perfection by Kirrily Schwarz

Anjani Amriit,  shares her personal story of working in the legal profession and the impact on her mental health. Anjani Amriit also talks about the pressure as a lawyer and the pursuit for excellence and perfection. 

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Channeling Your Inner Resilience with Anjani

Leadership without contribution is meaningless. But we cannot contemplate giving back when we are facing challenges and struggles in our own life.

Anjani Amriit empower leaders, founders, teams and change makers across the globe who are on the brink of burn out, are disconnected from themselves and their families due to the increasing pressures at work, lack confidence in themselves despite having great career or business success to flip their limiting self talk, step into their power and create positive change in their own life, so that they can then make the meaningful contribution to the world that they know they came here for.

A Body Forever Podcast

hosted by Amy Brogan 

Speak Your Mind – Transformation with Anjani Amriit 

How do you feel on a day-to-day basis? When you wake up every morning, are you ready to take on the day, excited for what lies ahead? If the answer is no – check this story out. Life is too short not to be living life exactly as you choose.

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The Eastern Influenced Corporate Leader Podcast

Eastern Influenced with Alana Mai Mitchell

Inner Intelligences with Anjani

In Episode 1, Anjani Amriit shares her story from burnout to bliss. Anjani studied under the guidance of Eastern masters in India, and today she shared her insights on inner intelligences, self awareness, the energetic body and much more.

For about the last 15 mins, Anjani was so kind as to lead us on a guided meditation. Enjoy.

Featured On Companies Digest

written by Anjani Amriit


The percentage of women owned businesses has steadily been rising over the past 20 years with an increase of 46%, compared with male owned businesses increasing by significantly less at 27%.

Women now account for over a third, or 34 % of all business operators, yet still fall short of a 50:50 split.

Are women in fact, keeping themselves stuck?  Research indicates that this may be the case.

The Phoenix Movement Publication

written by Anjani Amriit

Corporate Social Responsibility: the hidden agendas and how to avoid the pitfalls to win big in any business

Key indicator for growth in an uncertain world

The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to practices and policies of corporations that positively impact the world. The key idea is to pursue pro-social objectives, in addition to maximizing profits.

CSR is on the rise as many more companies get on board. But it’s not all good news.

The basic concept is simple.

Businesses have a responsibility, as custodians, to the planet and people. The ‘profit only’ agenda has long departed from its fashionable status of the ‘greed is good’ 80s and 90s. Now companies who focus on profit only, do so at their peril.

Brave New Women Podcast

Brave New Women with Cecilia Poullain

My latest guest appearance on Cecilia Poullain’s podcast Brave New Women is now available to listen to on all major channels. In this podcast I reveal the exact roadmap I used to make this move successfully.

This is a tell all interview!! Cecilia did an excellent job teasing out of me all the deepest darkest secrets of my life.

In the interview, we talk about my childhood, my 360 career change from lawyer to spiritual teacher, and now Leadership & Women’s Empowerment Expert supporting women leaders, founders and executives to achieve unprecedented levels of success and fulfilment.

What they are saying about this podcast …

Wow! thank you so much Anjani for your honesty and vulnerability. This inspired me so much that I joined your leadership program. I am so grateful to be working with you and the transformation that started from our very first call.

Anjani, I have to say that this was my all time favourite podcast interview. I related to everything you shared from your own personal story. I really hit home for me on so many levels. I am glad I reached out to you and for your subsequent amazing support in helping me achieve what I really came here to achieve. Thank you!

I cried. I laughed. I connected with your story in so many ways. Just want to reach out and say a big thank you Anjani for being so open and raw in this interview. You inspired me greatly to make some significant changes in my life and work.


This is one of the biggest weeks of 2019 astrologically, speaking. We get the move of Uranus into Taurus which means change, change, and more change! Yasmin will go over how it’s going to affect all the signs. Plus she will talk with a life coach and spiritual teacher Anjani about the best ways to navigate tumultuous times like this, especially with Mercury going retrograde this month. Plus, as always, Yasmin will take your calls.

AM Business with SABRA LANE

Businesses and staff turn to meditation to deal with stress of corporate life

Office workers struggling to deal with the demands of the corporate world are increasingly turning to alternative ideas to help them get through the week.
From adult colouring-in books and yoga classes to mindfulness lessons and meditation sessions, businesses and their staff are thinking outside the box for stress relief techniques.


Anjani Helen Gregoriou, Meditation Coach
Emeritus Professor Barbara Pocock, University of South Australia’s Centre for Work and Life.



Anjani Amriit, Entrepreneur, Visionary and Change Agent!

Anjani is a Soul Purpose Master. She is genius at supporting heart-based business owners, light workers and executives, to claim their personal power and align with their fullest potential, to manifest their greatest purpose into their lives and businesses for radical freedom, success, and abundance. She pursues change and transformation, new learning and wisdom with avid enthusiasm. She is a seeker in the highest sense of the word.


Podcast – Life transitions, Wise women conversations.

In this weeks episode of Wise Women Conversations I chat with Spiritual Teacher Anjani Amriit about life transitions. Anjani is an Ayurvedic Practitioner as well as a Spiritual Teacher and she shares the Ayurvedic philosophy around growing older. There are 3 life stages in Ayurveda – child, adult, elder and Anjani refers to this as our stages of life. While we often celebrate the first 2 stages, many of us live in fear of the final stage but this can be the best time of our life.

with Celeste Moroney, Founder of Me After Work

In this episode we speak with Anjani Amriit, a Soul Purpose Mentor. Anjani works with assisting senior executives, small business owners, and organisations to activate greater purpose for greater impact – in their career, relationships, finance, businesses and wellbeing. Anjani is a qualified Psycosynthesis Coach, Ayurvedic Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Energetics Expert. Her intuitive skills, enthusiasm and dynamism bring clarity, rapid transformation. She helps her clients to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Own Your Divine Light, USA TV Show

On this show Anjani shares the secret to creating a splash, shining your light, and standing out from the crowd in a saturated digital world. She reveals her 3 step proven process for becoming unshakeable, so that you can share your message with the world and be seen, heard and recognised. 


With Chris Mercer

Soul Purpose Mentor, Anjani Amriit, shares her personal story of how she turned her back on a 14 year legal career as a Corporate M& A Lawyer at top circle law firms in the UK and Australia, and changed her life path to fulfil her own soul purpose. Anjani Amriit also shares how she now assists women in commerce and community to discover and deliver their purpose in their corporate leader and executive roles, their own businesses and in community.

Anjani is an entrepreneur, conscious co-creator, soul purpose mentor and miraculous manifestor!

She is passionate about motivating and inspiring you to create the highest vision of yourself and implement the strategies needed to make this your reality.

Anjani is in the business of making the seemingly impossible, possible!