the business you could build, the career you could have, the soul mate you could attract, the money you could earn and the lives you could impact if you had exclusive, one-on-one support from an experienced soul purpose mentor!

When you sign up to Private Mentoring with me, this can be your reality. You will have me by your side to design and implement a specific roadmap to your soul’s mission, supercharge your courage, and breathe life into your purpose!

I only work with a handful of carefully selected private clients at any one time to ensure that you have my full attention and support.

My favourite clients to work with are adventurous, authentic and freethinking. They are holistic business owners, corporate visionaries or soul seekers, who are committed to making a positive difference to the world by infusing profound meaning into everything they do.

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Would you like Anjani to help you Discover Your Life Purpose?


Heart-based entrepreneurs looking to start, or grow their business or hobby with a clear message to attract the success, clients and income they know they deserve.
Corporate visionaries looking to bring greater corporate consciousness into an organisation they are employed in, to make their mark and find greater meaning and fulfillment in their career.
Soulful seekers looking to awaken their life purpose in all areas of their life.
"Anjani is amazing! She assisted me in finding my true passion. Anjani took the time in asking the right questions and listened to my responses. In talking with Anjani, she helped me realize that I am not alone and it's okay to shine a light for others, despite judgements or labels.When we honor the experiences, it changes our perspective in many ways. After speaking with Anjani my views of life have changed wherein I accept and value the experiences that I have. I trust me and my inner light. If anyone is seeking personal coaching, inspiration or life/soul purpose, Anjani is the best person to contact. Her energy is warm, kind, and welcoming. She will be your biggest cheerleader and support system. Thank you so much Anjani! "
Regina S.
"Anjani helped me realize that what I was stating to the universe were limiting beliefs that were sabotaging me from manifesting what I wanted and needed. I now know that everything that happens in my life is from my core beliefs so I need to make sure they are all positive and limitless. Anjani gave me some mantras that I now repeat every day that will replace my opposite beliefs and affirmations I was giving to the universe without even realizing that I was self-sabotaging. I highly recommend working with Anjani. Since I started my new limitless affirmations I've already been seeing changes in my life! Thank you Anjani. "
Tiffany A
"Anjani centered me to what was blocking me in moving forward with a change in my life. Quite remarkable. She taught me to have fun and play. I feel like a burden has been lifted. Now instead of not being sure of my decision, I am excited about getting to it! Anjani is really good at drilling down to business and I really enjoyed her style. It was comfortable and I felt like I had a friend."
Tracy Fitzgerald
Account Executive
"After my call with Anjani, I realised that it is possible to manifest my desires. I feel empowered and supported and a great resonance with her work. It moved me to a higher level which I have been able to maintain. I would recommend Anjani to others looking for personal coaching, inspiration, life/soul purpose. She is very to the point, sensitive and empowering. I'm so grateful I followed this up."
Marianne Nichols
Sacred France Tours
"Anjani is empathic whilst also being practical and solution focused. This is a winning combo for me. I need rapid results right now and also to feel supported and nurtured. Without the latter I would probably run away and become avoidant. I also need to be able to intellectualise concepts and gain an understanding into the ‘why’ by analysing. This helps me to learn and then progress. Anjani does all of the above with me."
Rebecca Rynehart
"Working with Anjani is a privilege for sure, her wisdom, dynamism, capacity to lead and lift me over my personal hurdles has been profound. We worked together in my home intensely, achieving above and beyond the outcomes I had envisioned. I have worked with many business coaches over the years, but this lady is in a league of her own, I cant recommend her or her 3 day intensive coaching package highly enough. She gets the job done to a high detail with skill and a good sense of humour."
Savitur Paul Wilde - Energy Transformation Coach


These are some of the results you can look forward to when you work with me as your personal mentor

Get Clarity and Guidance on Your Purpose

The biggest mistake people make when thinking about their purpose is to believe it is something outside of them that they have to go find, like a job. Your purpose is not outside of you. The coordinates to your purpose came in with you at birth. I will guide you to access these co-ordinates for greater clarity on your life purpose.

Expand Your Wealth Potential

The relationship you have with money is the key to maximising your earning and success potential. I will help you to re-align you with your wealth potential so you can be financially supported to live your dreams.

Supercharge Your Personal Power

The relationship you have with money is the key to maximising your earning and success potential. I will help you to re-align you with your wealth potential so you can be financially supported to live your dreams.

Bust Through Your Blocks

Your fears are the only thing standing in the way of you realising your greatness. I will guide you to train your mindset to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, so you can approach your life purpose with greater confidence, courage and daring!

Kick Unhealthy Habits and Self-Sabotage for a Healthier, Happier You

Your habits are ingrained in your energy field and subconscious mind. We will work together to unlock the unconscious patterns that have you second-guessing yourself, sabotaging your dreams, and procrastinating so that you can kick these bad habits for good.

Empowered Communication

To live a life of purpose and meaning, you will need to be able to speak up and be heard. With my proven techniques and scripts I will teach you how to empower your voice, and communicate with greater clarity and confidence.

Letting Love In

You are looking for love, or want to rediscover the love in your relationship with someone who shares your dreams of a purposeful life, but are trapped in ‘trying to make it happen’. I will show you how your love relationships are a direct reflection of the state of your own heart, and how to fix this to become magnetic to the partner of your dreams.

Getting into Alignment for Inspired Action

If you are not energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually aligned with your purpose, you cannot move towards it. Learn how to get into full alignment to take inspired action and be in the flow of miraculous synchronicities, guidance, and opportunities for your purposeful life.

Master Your Mastery

Once you are ready and empowered to stand in more of your life purpose and shine brightly, we will work on igniting your souls mastery that serves your heart and soul and the rest of humanity!

If this speaks to you and you're looking for the inspiration and direction to change your life forever, don't waste another minute!


As my private mentoring client, you will receive weekly 60-minute one-to-one online mentoring sessions with me.

You will receive a bespoke weekly focus sheet and a recording of each session for you to keep forever.

Your private mentoring package will involve a design phase, based on your requirements and responses to an initial questionnaire, to determine the program’s strategic purpose, focus areas, and specific components required to drive the process from start to finish. This is all carried out prior to your first session with me to save you time, and to allow us to hit the ground running from day one.

That is why I custom-build your program to include the services you need, for where you are at in your business, career or life.

We will meet online to discuss my private mentoring packages before you join. During that call, I will recommend which of my packages is the best fit for your needs.

Depending on the package you choose, you may also receive:


My private mentoring programs are, at their core, transformational. They are literally life changing! These programs are designed with the specific intention to make...

the seemingly impossible, possible.

This is not the kind of mentoring program where you simply learn new information. Information does not lead to transformation! For transformation to occur, there has to be an element of self-realisation and soul awakening.

You will receive both tangible practical strategies as well as energetic support to enable to you to awaken the power of your soul for rapid transformation.

Within a few short weeks of partnering with me, you will start to tangibly experience the positive effects all around you, in your relationships and your business, career and life.


I have built a thriving purposeful business based on ignoring the current accepted conventions for doing life and business. With my mentoring program, normal rules certainly do not apply.


If you are not getting the success you desire, and are looking for a proven, unconventional methodology to attract everything you desire, then we will be a great fit. If you are ready to stop facing your current reality and start creating the one you dream of, then this mentoring program is for you!

I work intuitively as well as practically and tangibly to support you to become ‘whole’ again in all aspects of your life and work. Each session I will ‘tune in’ to your personal energy and the energy of your projects or business to get deeper insight into the root cause of any blockage or issue you may be facing. Often the problem is a symptom of a deeper underlying matter.

Working with me, you will actively engage with the process of self-transformation…

to awaken your soul’s power and align with your greatest calling in your business, career and life.

I'm Ready!


The work I do is exclusive and personalised. I only work with people who are ready to create positive change to get the biggest impact and results.

Once you book your session and I receive your application, you’ll next have a call with me to see if we are a good fit to work together.

On this call, I will recommend which of my packages is the best fit for your needs.

I will also answer any of your questions and if we’re both excited to move forward, we’ll get you enrolled into the mentoring package that is perfect for you!