The Biggest Block to Living Your Life Purpose

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Do you realise that you are a limited edition?

As a limited edition, it takes a particular set of keys to access the full beauty of your hearts’ desires. Unfortunately we are not taught this at school. As a result we can wander around life aimlessy expecting the right keys to our life purpose just magically appear in front of us. Worst still, we allow others to use ill fitting keys to try to force us into doing somthing or being someone we are not. Sometimes, we are careless about locking the doorway to our precious heart-filled dreams, and let anyone rummage around in there, distorting them and making us feel that they are wrong. We get stuck in the groove of believing that if we stop dreaming our dreams, toe the line, be a good follower, do what others tell us to do, then we will be liked and accepted. But there is nothing further from the truth. When we deny our authentic Self, all of the colour, beauty and radiance in our heart slowly starts to drain away. Over time, we become bland, un-inspired and eventually we lose the joy and sparkle of life. We begin to become distant from our Self and in relationships. The distinctive shape of our hearts desires becomes distorted and unrecognisable. We stop showing up in our own life and utlimately in the lives of those around us. We pander to the will of others rahter than our own unique will. Over time, we abandon our precious unique Self so often, we begin to allow the needs of others become more important than our own. Pretty soon, we become less and less our authentic, unique selves, living increasingly on auto-pilot, pre-programmed to ‘people please’. This leads to inertia and dullness in our relationships, a closing down of our heart and the loss of our sense of personal purpose. When we dare to be different, we come to a deeper sense of self worth, self appreciation and purpose When we embrace our authentic Self as our own best friend, we attract new opportunities, friendships and love that had previously seemed impossible. When we allow our uniqueness to shine through into our relationships, we begin to really show up in our own life and the lives of those around us. We add into the mix that little sprinkling of spice. We begin to create dazzling choices based on our unique tastes. When we dare to be different, we come to a deeper sense of self worth, self appreciation and purpose. With these inner qualities shining through our life, we become magnetic to those around us and all the things we dream of. We become light on our toes and flow easily with the winds of change, and even beckon change towards us confidently and excitedly. If your life feels empty, meaningless or you just know something is missing, and are searching for your life purpose, then it’s time for you to embrace your inner kookiness, your authentic uniqueness, and let it out to play. This not only makes you a more interesting person, but it makes you attractive to all the things that can point you towards a more meaningful and purposFULL life. There is no better time than now to embrace your unique qualities. Being different isn’t bizarre. It’s natural. No two people are the same. Begin with re-discovering and befriending your inner quirkiness, your originality. These are the qualities that make you special and attractive that will ultimately lead you to uncovering your deeper purpose. If this resonates with you and you would like to learn about my proven startegies to help you find the right keys to unlock your purpose, then book in for your free Discovey Call now. When we live a life that is more authentic to our unique nature we become way happier, have greater personal freedom, feel more joyful and we begin to naturally connect to our deeper more meaningful life purpose. Do you want to know more about what it takes to find your purpose? Click here to book your Breakthrough Call with me to discover how.


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