Why Feminine Leadership Power Will Equal The Playing Field

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Why Feminine Leadership Power Is What’s Needed To Equal The Playing Field

Today’s remote work culture is having a positive and negative impact on women in the workplace. Whilst 70% of working women see this change as bringing greater flexibility to be able to control when they work, there is a more sinister consequence lurking in the background. 

A recent report by Catalyst on gender equity at work, surmised that working from home poses a real danger of further aggravating the existing issue women face in not being seen and heard at work. This report revealed that:

  • 45% of women business leaders felt it was difficult to speak up in virtual meetings
  • 1 in 3 female employees felt their prospects of getting a promotion are now worse due to the remote work environment. 

The report cites men for this issue and refers to ‘mansplaining’ and ‘manterrupting’. But is there a deeper, unrecognised issue at play here?

The Real Power Struggle

Ever since women entered the workplace, we have equated leadership with masculinity. As a result, women have been leading their careers from a masculine leadership perspective, albeit often not intentionally.  

This leadership style lends itself to being hierarchical, transactional, and rigid in approach. But it doesn’t sit well with women because it is not where their natural power lies. As a result, when it comes to speaking up and being heard, women do not feel empowered enough in themselves to do so. 

Women have a vital feminine leadership power and perspective to bring to the workplace that the world is starved of.  It is time that women gave themselves permission to stop trying to play men at their own game, and courageously bring their feminine leadership power to the workplace.

The three key leadership traits that women bring to business are:

  • Compassion: forming deeper bonds of social connection and trust, and improving psychological well being 
  • Collaboration: flattening outdated hierarchies that stifle confidence and creativity to promote inspired innovation and growth at all levels 
  • Conscience: a fair moral compass driving the greater good, balancing economic growth with social responsibility.  

Hierarchy is dead. Long live everyone. 

As a corporate lawyer, I led from my masculine leadership power and it led me to burn out. I abandoned my natural feminine leadership perspective to fit it, believing it to be a weakness, unfit for the workplace. It wasn’t until I realised that my feminine leadership power was actually my greatest strength, that I was able to speak and show up with confidence, own my unique perspective and realise my full potential. Only then did I find my voice, confidence and meaningful success aligned with my values. 

Heralding The New Feminine Leadership Power

The notion of feminine leadership power is not rooted in feminism or gender, but rather the natural qualities that women are more predisposed to. All genders are capable of adopting this style of leadership.

Women bring a unifying perspective to the workplace. When more women identify their feminine leadership power and bring this to the business world, our organisations, communities and the world will see a power shift that will naturally bring balance to our commercial playing fields. 

I work with established or emerging women leaders, business owners, lawyers, and professionals, who are ready to stop playing men at their own game and bring their feminine leadership power to the workplace for greater impact and success. 

Contact us now to find out more about our Feminine Leadership Programs: hello@anjaniamriit.com 


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