Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail & The Secret to Kicking Goals That Last

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In 2019, the most popular resolutions were to exercise more (59%), eat healthier (54%), save money (51%), and lose weight (48%). 

  • only 7% stuck to all their resolutions

  • 8% failed to keep any resolutions, and

  • 57% chose not to make a New Year’s resolution


If we even bother to make resolutions, we tend to make the same ones every year. But rarely do we follow through with them.


SETTING THE BAR TOO HIGH: we tend to set our resolutions bar incredibly high with huge idealistic goals and no roadmap of how to get there: find the love of my life; buy my dream home; leave corporate and retire early; become a best selling author; get recognised as a thought leader in my field. Without a clear roadmap of the practical steps we need to take to get there, it simply won’t happen.

SOCIAL PRESSURE: social media and our Western social culture tells us that to be happy we need more external stuff; more money; more likes; more shoes; more sex; more followers; more everything. This makes us compare ourselves and, when we fall short, tailspin into emotional bingeing on more food, screens, work, shopping, sex. And round the cycle we go. Nothing outside of us ever brings us the kind of lasting happiness and contentment we all so desperately crave.

MARKETING HYPE: savvy marketing spins and social media play a huge role in misdirecting us, promising us everything we want with little or no effort.

 Our vibe attracts our life’ 


Set the right way, intentions shine light on our limiting beliefs that are a downer to our vibe. That hold us back, hijack our dreams, make us procrastinate, or feel unworthy, guilty or bad about ourselves.

When we feel good about ourselves, we are more likely to feel inspired, back ourselves and take steps to achieving our goals!


What Is The Most Effective Way of Staying Motivated?

When set correctly, intentions are like rocket fuel to keep us motivated and inspired en route to our loftiest of goals.


The three key elements to setting effective intentions that really work are:


  • Clarity: clear intentions focussed on what you really want, rather than what you think you should, must, or ought to have to be happy
  • Belief: a 100% belief that you truly deserve what you are asking for
  • Emotional Alignment: an experience of positive emotions when you affirm your intentions


It takes consistent practice to harness the positive power of intentions and stay focussed on the end goal no matter what the day throws at us. 


Knowing this as an intellectual concept isn’t enough. We need a mentor to keep us on track, accountable, motivated and inspired. To help us work on our internal self belief and vibe so we continue to line up with our dreams. Think of it like getting a PT to help you get ‘dream fit’.


When we make small consistent  internal changes to our self belief, mindset and how we feel every day, then our external life reflects this. We start to feel more confident in directing our own lives in more healthy positive ways.


I offer an annual Intention Setting Masterclass in January to guide you through the exact steps you need to take to set clear intentions that really work and strategic manageable goals to get you what your heart truly desires. Details can be found on my website and social media channels. 


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