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The 5 Shifts to Overcoming Self Sabotage and Step Into Your Power

This is for you if you are an established or emerging woman leader, lawyer, business owner or executive ready to uplevel your impact and success.

Why This Training?

Have you ever had the feeling there is a bigger potential you came here to reach?

Do you know deep down that there is a profound and meaningful role for you to play as an established or emerging female leader, founder or professional in shaping our collective future and are frustrated that you haven’t achieved it yet?

Do you feel overwhelmed by this inner calling and uncertain about the steps you need to take to realise your full potential so you can play that vital role?

Does your outer reality bear little resemblance to your inner picture making you feel stuck or unsure how to create the rich possibilities you sense for your life and leadership?

During this Webinar you will...


The 5 common setbacks faced by women in the workplace. The paradox myth women have been sold that destroys their success. What women really want from their work


Your untapped Feminine Leadership Power to: let go of self sabotage once and for all, overcome gender barriers to promotion, recognition and respect, create unshakeable presence, confidence and impact get that promotion/ pay rise you deserve, transition out of a job / career that's killing your soul, discover and live your highest purpose


A guaranteed ROADMAP FOR SUCCESS: A PDF workbook, a live guided visualisation to activate your feminine leadership power, a recording of the webinar, special bonus questionnaire to identify which of the 8 inner saboteurs are hijacking your success (if you attend live)

This is a live interactive webinar during which Anjani Amriit will be personally mentoring you to activate your Feminine Leadership Power to massively uplevel your life and leadership 

Who is this For?


This is for you if you are ready to:

This is not for you if:

The MISCONCEPTION Every Woman Has Been Sold

Women have been working on empowering themselves in business for decades. We have had great success, but it has been founded on our masculine power.

To create the kind of leadership that will foster sustainable, socially responsible, gender equal, meaningful workplaces, we need to cultivate our 

“Feminine Leadership Power.”

We are so excited to welcome you to our Community.  

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