Changing The Game


4 Weeks to...

*Break Free from Internal Barriers

*Activate Your Feminine Leadership

*Next Level Your Leadership Impact & Success


Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Why This Training?

Have you ever had the feeling there is a bigger potential you came here to reach?

Do you know deep down that there is a profound and meaningful role for you to play as an established or emerging female leader, founder or professional in shaping our collective future and are frustrated that you haven’t achieved it yet?

Do you feel overwhelmed by this inner calling and uncertain about the steps you need to take to realise your full potential so you can play that vital role?

Does your outer reality bear little resemblance to your inner picture making you feel stuck or unsure how to create the rich possibilities you sense for your life and leadership?

Do you…

If you said yes…

If you said yes to any of these, you are not alone. Most professional women feel this way.

This was my own personal experience before I discovered how to access my own Feminine Leadership. I’ve also seen it firsthand in the hundreds of women I have worked with across the globe.

Why is it that in spite of all our accomplishments and years of personal and professional growth we are still experiencing gender disparities, pay gaps and a lack of senior leadership opportunities?

Most of us think that the reason is because we don’t have enough confidence, money, time, support, training, or knowledge. But this is not the case. The real reason is..

We have not yet awakened to our Feminine Leadership Power needed to create the even playing field we deeply yearn for.

It is not a personal failure that as women we are still struggling to have meaningful roles where we get to give back in ways that really matter, or experience equal success and opportunities.

It is a collective problem women have faced throughout our human history.

Way back in 1776, Abigail Adams brought issues of gender equality to the White House.

In 1847 Maria Mitchell paved the way for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers.

It was not until 1869 that women entered the legal profession.

You can see this in the major events occurring in the world right now with more women speaking up and being finally heard and respected. It is an exciting pivotal time for women to take the lead.

The Power Paradox Every Woman Has Been Sold…

Women have been working on empowering themselves in business for decades. We have had great success, but it has been founded on our masculine power.

Masculine power involves: direct and constant action; doing; control; command over; push and force; rational logical linear thinking.

This can only take us so far. Now it’s time for women to nurture their feminine leadership qualities: “connection; belonging; creativity; compassion; purpose; and contribution.”

This is what’s required to foster better, gender equal workplaces for our future generations.

To create the kind of leadership that will foster sustainable, socially responsible, gender equal, meaningful workplaces, we need to cultivate our “Feminine Leadership Power.”

This requires an evolution of our feminine leadership. The feminine leadership of our past will not empower us to create the necessary change for our personal and collective better future.

We must consciously evolve our feminine leadership to become a more impactful source of inner power, to better the corporate game, and the future of our world. 

A new Feminine Leadership Power is needed that integrates our cultivated masculine power with a new kind of feminine power that we have yet to see in our recorded history.

Most of us have had few or no role models for this kind of Feminine Leadership Power and have no idea where to start to cultivate it.

Join Anjani Amriit for this 4-Week Live Online Program 

“Changing the Game”

 “Awaken Your Feminine Leadership Power”

Anjani will personally guide you step-by-step through the process of initiating your feminine leadership power to change your life, fulfil your destiny, and step more confidently into impactful leadership.

Feminine Leadership Power will assist you in 8 Key Areas of Your Leadership

8 Key Areas of Your Leadership

  • Uplevel your impact
  • Step into your feminine power for unshakeable confidence
  • Be visible and recognised for your contribution
  • Clarify your inner feminine genius to bring this to the workplace in creative ways that inspire meaningful change
  • Thrive in your leadership/business through making your positive contribution
  • Cultivate the confidence to create meaningful networks and connections to support your leadership dreams
  • Have limitless energy to move forward with the bigger work you’re here to do
  • Feel like you are living your destiny and fully expressing the woman you were born to become

"Awakening Feminine Leadership"

The Essential Program for Women Leaders, Founders, Lawmakers and Executives


This is your personal invitation to join women from across the globe in this life changing program! 

In just 4 weeks you can cultivate the kind of power that will support you to:

  • Connect to the deeper truth of who you are and your feminine leadership power
  • Break through the internal barriers that bind you
  • Cultivate unshakable confidence and self believe
  • Create a powerful presence to attract and create the kind of resources and opportunities that have you thrive
  • Clarify your highest leadership purpose and become a force for good in your work, communities and the world
  • Foster relationships that reflect your true values and support your leadership purpose
  • Release blocks to health and vitality
  • Feel motivated and inspired to take courageous steps towards your goals and leadership vision
  • Discover how to express your inner genius in ways that positively impact others and are recognised and valued 
  • Feel deeply connected and attuned to your own inner compass and trust this to guide you to your highest destiny
  • Show up and speak up in ways that empower you to become an agent of positive change in your work and the world

Anjani Amriit: Founder of Feminine Leadership

Anjani Amriit is a Leadership and Women’s
Empowerment Expert.

A former corporate lawyer,
Anjani is a trusted advisor offering transformational
private and group programs to leaders, founders,
lawmakers and executives for greater presence,
impact and success.

Anjani believes that self governance and empowerment is the cornerstone to great leadership. To her, leadership without contribution is meaningless.

Anjani Amriit has dedicated her life’s work to giving back. She is penning her first book, ‘The 9 Realisations to Self Empowerment – how to get out of your own way and get on with your purpose’, commissioned by Hay House.

Anjani is on a mission to empower women to speak up, be heard and make a positive difference as leaders of communities and commerce.

Her message is clear; “Women bring a vital feminine perspective that the world is starved of. It’s time to give themselves permission to break free from playing small, be remarkable, and courageously bring their feminine leadership to the world.”


What Feminine Leadership Graduates Are Saying:

"I loved the steps that you took us through. I loved that it was interactive and I'm so happy I was able to show up in person this year. Last year I was jumping on a plane. So I think that has made a real difference and it feels like it's just landed."

Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer, Paris

"The Masterclass really helped me get my everything going on in my mind very narrowed down and straight forward. I took from it some specific actions. I love the interactive-ness of it and the template workbook was a fantastic tool to guide me towards my most powerful intentions. That was awesome."

Artist, Sydney

"I feel so clear right now that I feel like the world's my oyster, as they say. I feel safe now to really show up more powerfully and authentically and shine my light."

Divine Feminine Spiritual Coach, NSW

"I am so glad I did this class live. Thanks to everyone for showing up. It's great to be doing it in a group because it's good to be witnessed, and have everyones support. Also, I got so much from what other people were sharing as well. I was busily writing down everybody's intentions and resistance which massively helped me get even more clarity. I now have so much more to work with. Thank you so much."

CEO, Corporate Leadership Association, Adelaide

"Because I spend a lot of my time in my personal life as well as my business life, giving to others and helping them build their creations, I often put myself last and my creations and things last, and I love structure obviously. So having something like this to anchor me down and go, "Okay, this is the plan, Tarryn." I love a good plan, and then I can actually see what it's supposed to look like. I can take action and I can remember that I don't have to put myself last in order to serve from a higher capacity. And that actually when I put myself first, my work is so much more potent."

Feminine Awakener, NSW

"Thank you. Thanks for everyone for creating such a safe space. My life is transitioning from one round to another, so this was perfect. I'm trying to manifest how I bring my gifts to the world. This was perfect to enable me to get my gifts to the world."

Corporate Entrepreneur, Sydney, Australia

"I was at this class last year and really felt the shift in energy for everyone from the group dynamic. I felt that from Anjani and from everyone else and want to say thank you very much. It was just so beneficial and useful to help me find my focus."

Speaker, Author, Intuitive Business Coach, NSW

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and got so much out of it. God Bless you... As mentioned, In African Culture Feminine Power is about enabling other Women to Light their own 🔥 Flames and step into their own power and I feel you did just that,

Kageni Starrett

Thank you so much Anjani for the session - it was really inspiring and helpful. I find so often that I do lean into masculine leadership in the workplace as my driver, wrongly assuming my feminine traits will hinder my success rather than fuel it. You have definitely helped me reshape and retrain my thought patterns to help me see them as advantages and something to separate me and give me an advantage over the male leaders in my male dominated industry!

Melanie Duffy

In this 4 Week "Awaken Feminine Leadership Program" You Will Learn:

Module 1

Step Into Your Power

Step in to your feminine power to cultivate unshakable confidence and courage to put yourself forward, believe in yourself, and break through the barriers that bind you 

Module 2

Create Your Desired Presence

Create powerful intentions with a targeted action plan to cultivate greater presence and move you closer to your goals and dreams and make them happen!

Module 3

Craft Your Passion And Purpose

Create a clear impactful message to present your vision, your product, your business, or your
idea, and most of all yourself for radical success and impact

Module 4

Speak Up And Be Heard

Master new powerful techniques to support you in speaking up and being heard in all areas of
your work and life: empowered communication techniques to give you the inner strength and
skills to have challenging conversations with difficult people effortlessly

What You Will Receive From The Awakening Feminine Leadership Program…

4 X Live Training Sessions with Anjani Amriit

In these sessions Anjani Amriit will be live with you on zoom to guide you personally through a series of transformational practices and principles designed to activate your feminine leadership power.

If you cannot attend any of the live classes, you will receive the recording so you can catch up or do it at your own pace.

Weekly Guided “Power Practices”

Each Training Module is accompanied by a Guided Audio Feminine Power Practice that will help you to unlock your Feminine Power, desires and vision. You’ll also receive guided reflections and questions for journaling that will support you to ignite your potential and feminine leadership 

PDF Transcripts of each Training Module

PDF transcripts will be provided of each live training session. These are a great resource to go back to and quickly reference key concepts and answer questions, to help you step fully into the Feminine Leadership teachings and principles.

Exclusive Access to our Private “Women With Purpose” Telegram Group

Join the club!—a global learning community of conscious, brilliant women coming together to inspire each other’s greatness. During and after the program, you have the opportunity to connect with other women from all over the world in our private online chat group, share your breakthroughs and insights, and support each other in deepening into the principles and teachings. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the power that comes through doing deeply transformative work in community.

What You Will GIVE From The Awakening Feminine Leadership Program…

Leadership without contribution is meaningless” ~

Anjani Amriit

We put our money where our mouth is. 

That’s why when you join this program you not only get to grow evolve and expand your leadership, you also get to give back. 

When you pay for this program, you help us support these charities:

  • A Sound Life
  • The Watarrka Foundation
  • Green Sakthi
  • Oz Harvest
  • The Orangutan Project 

1 tree is planted for you for every dollar that you pay. So far we have planted over 35,000 trees and counting!

All Participants Will Receive Full Live and Digital Access to The Feminine Leadership Program

Full Live and Digital Access to The Feminine Leadership 
4 Week Program PLUS Bonuses
  • Four 90-minute live Transformational Sessions with Anjani Amriit
  • Weekly “Power Practices” Guided Audios and PDF Workbook
  • PDF Transcripts of every Session
  • Exclusive Access to our Private ‘Women With Purpose’ Telegram Group 

PLUS you’ll also receive these additional bonuses:

Bonus 1

Overcome Self Sabotage Power Practices Guide

By Anjani Amriit

(Valued at $250)

Imagine if you had a proven strategy to break free from all self sabotaging behaviour and patterns almost instantly?

The Overcome Self Sabotage Power Practices Guide is the ultimate guide for established and emerging women leaders, founders, lawmakers and executives to break free from the all self sabotaging stories and habits that limit their impact and success.

This Power Practices Guide explores the 9 self sabotaging patterns that block women’s greatness. Each core pattern is made up of a belief about oneself, a belief about others, and a belief about life. It reveals the specific ways that your inner saboteurs turn a false belief into a self-defeating prophecy (without you even realizing it), limiting your leadership success.

You will discover how your internal saboteurs have been blocking your power to create a more impactful leadership.

You will also receive powerful ‘Feminine Leader Solutions’ to transform old sabotaging habits into new gifts and opportunities.

Bonus 2

Feminine Leader Guided Visualisations

Manifest and Create with Feminine Power using this series of ‘Feminine leadership’ Guided Visualisations

(Valued at $150)

Created by Anjani Amriit, this powerful guided visualisation series will help you to awaken and use your Feminine Leadership Power to manifest your highest potential in the workplace and your life.

Program Details

Date & Times

Live Online Via Zoom

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The program is offered by Anjani Amriit live on zoom plus you will receive access to the recordings for the lifetime it’s available online! You can download the materials to your personal computer or device so you can keep them with you and deepen into your transformation long after the program has ended. 

While there is no such thing as overnight success, this program will support you to make significant shifts that will propel your feminine leadership power into your work and life to enable you to:

  • show up and speak up in a confident powerful way
  • realise your deeper values and bring these into a clearer vision for your future success
  • be more authentic at work
  • be seen and recognised as a leader in your field
  • feel deeply connected to your inner feminine voice and trust the guidance this offers
  • feel more confident in your own ability to attract the opportunities, resources and support you need to next level your leadership

Feminine Leadership creates powerful internal transformations that support business women to make radical, safe changes to how they see and engage with the world.

This program does not teach traditional leadership skill sets that are outdated and only offer surface level solutions. 

We know that the pace of life is hectic so we do not burden you with additional hours of work. Instead you will be guided to view your day from very different perspectives that will have you feeling more in control, lighter, and personally liberated. 

If you have any questions about this program, please email us at and our team will be on hand to assist you.